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A formal Hello from a new guy...

I found the forums a few months ago and have done a share of trolling. I casually rode in high school, and some in college. I put the hard tail away for years. Recently, my girlfriend got me back into a new, more serious level of MTB. So i consider myself total beginner.

I started off purchasing a used Trek and weve been riding frequently when the temps are palatable (above mid 30s) ;) . I have absolutely fallen in love with the challenge.

Born and raised down the shore, grew up in Brielle and live in Brick now. Im 30, work an ever changing schedule that leaves lots of time for MTB, fishing, travel and the beach.

This website has been a great resource for me to start out with, I like the localism and small but faithful user base. All the people ive met in the parks have been great too.

Thanks for this great resource and the help many of you have already provided me with!


if you see me out at allaire its a black trek ex7 and a red explorer


Howdy Kevin. I'm at Allaire a lot (big old dude with a bronze Turner ) so say yo when you see us.


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j-7, a little while back I was based in plb, and alb in the beech 1900. I'm very happy to have returned to Newark as my base :)

Gt2, I ride allaire when I'm home it's what brought me to this board I will keep an eye out! I can't wait to keep exploring allaire.

I've been traveling the west coast for a week learning how to snowboard w my g/f, I can't wait to get back on the bike!! Judging from the temps back home this week I'm not missing much though ;) it was actually in the 50s here in Portland!

I ride a black trek ex7 and she rides a blue cannondale. Thanks for the greetings will see you guys on the trail!



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I heard you really really liked the 1900. Plattsburgh is really nice in February.

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