greetings I am new to this site just found it the other day via myspace...

not to experienced with mountain bike riding.

2 years ago I tried to ride lewis morris with 1997 gary fisher zebrano. After 3 attempts I gave up. I did take it to patriots path may times but stopped whenever I got to the hill going into lewis morris.

Last year I bought a specialized mountain bike and figured since I had the tools I could tackle lewis morris no problem. I went riding with a beginners group at lewis morris 3 weeks after getting the bike. I was not used to the clipless pedals (they were way to tight and I could never get my foot out). Well one of the other beginners cut me off and I fell. Of course like a dummy I stuck my arm straight out on my way down and broke my elbow. It took months to heal (will never be 100 % again). Could not ride all summer due to the pain in my arm.

Anyway I loosened up the pedals have started riding it on a very short path near my house. Are there any places near Hopatcong that would be good for me to ride on? I don’t mind going back to lewis morris but there is some bad karma there for me so I want to go somewhere else first.
Welcome. Check the trail directory for Mahlon Dickerson, Kittatiny Valley and Allamuchy Deer Park. Each of those parks are relatively close to you, and have trails of varying difficulty levels.

Awesome that you are back. I can understand about the injury,...I separated my shoulder. well, hope to ride with you. You are in a great location for soooo many trails, but I would start with Kittatinny and Stephens.
well you fall alot then learn how to fall right and not get hurt....ya right...
I think we all fall just a little less dramatic..
btw: welcome to the site. this place is getting big...
Hello Cam, we live right near each other - Allamuchy Deer Park you can ride to and from on a nice weekend day ride.

The way there is for the most part downhill and a great way to start your ride. Is Lakeside the road that crosses with Sparta-Stanhope at the blinking light? Take that road all the way down (through the blinking light) to come out at Byram Shop-Rite. Make a left and in about a hundred yards on your right is Cycle Works. You can stop there for a refreshment, help with trail location, for bathroom... whatever.

Your next right, about another 100 yards past Cycle Works, is Waterloo Rd. Take that about a mile down and on your right will be an entrance/parking lot area with access to a bunch of fairly easy trails. The main trail there also leads to Cranberry Lake (1.5 miles) and a bit further down (3 miles? 5?) Kittatiny.

That right there should keep you occupied with beginner level riding for a while :) Hope to see you out there!

p.s. If you decide to make a nice day out of it and ride there instead of driving, I would suggest coming back up 206 through stanhope, or for a longer loop port morris, as it is less of an uphill battle.
Well I probably should have hit the trails and not just the street with the clipless before going out with a group…anyway that was last year…this year I just plan of falling without breaking anything…

Are the trails at deer park marked or unmarked…is a gps recommended I don’t own one…yet
welcome to the site.

in all honesty, i'd do A LOT more getting used to pedals before i went off to kvsp, mahlon or deer park. maybe do some rail trail riding and practice clipping in and out a lot before you head back into the woods. clipless pedals are great...but not if you can't get out of them at will.

so, in closing, i agree with brett.
Well i was actually thinking of hitting the Paulinskill or Sussex branch rail trail at Kittatinny to get some more practice with the clipless first......BTW this is a great site!!!

Welcome to this site, you will be happy you found it. There are a great bunch of people here, it's like one big happy family :D See ya on the trails,

Chrisitna ... :)
I am now comfortable enough getting out of my clipless pedals so where do you think would be the best place to start riding: Stephens State Park, Deer park via Waterloo rd., Kittatinny, or should I go back to Lewis Morris… I am still an ultra lame beginner…maybe I bit off more that I can chew going straight with clipless without any real mountain bike experience??? But it is what the bike came with so I figured I would run them…
Frank and the crew takes a bunch of us into Allaire for beg. rides starting at 17:45 on tuesday nights I know its a bit south of you but the rides are good and it is a good way to pick up hints at a good pace.
BTW welcome aboard...

I was gonna tell you all about my first time but I don't wanna put any negative thoughts out there. ;) Hang with this crew, you'll learn alot.
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