Greenwood, Menantico, and some other WMAs


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Lol, well if you didn't know where the illegal cliff jumps at Splitrock were, the state was nice enough to circle it on a map for you 🤣


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I use Greenwood a lot. More then the usual suspects were venturing in this spring. As you can see, there is a lot of area that is still open. If we behave ourselves, we should finish out the summer with out any trouble.


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Spoke to WMA today. Because the signs are still up, and they lifted the ban for Hunting season. The signs are staying up. The ban maybe back for the summer. They will decide after spring turkey season.
I was at Greenwood WMA this past Saturday, and got 22 miles of riding. The sand is already getting soft, so fat bikes rule the land here. BTW some of the roads have that jersey gravel on it and are firm for gravel bikes.
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