Green Mountain National Forest


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Super last minute, but has anyone done any riding here? Planning a last minute camping/biking trip here for the weekend. From what i can find seems like a lot of trails are for hiking only, but with the vastness of this place there has to be some decent spots to ride. I've hiked here a few times and have seen everything from peak trails you would never ride up, to roads with deep truck ruts to snow mobile tracks which would be awesome.

Not looking for the most difficult techy trails, but something other than a gravel road here and there would be nice.

Don't have the time to drive up to Kingdom otherwise that would be the destination
Pics from GMT

A buddy invited a few of us up to Mass and VT this past weekend. Here are some pics from Green Mountain Trails. Amazing switchback work, and some nice technical stuff at the top. Views were breathtaking.

View from northern entrance to the trails

Cabin at the top

View from the top

View from the southern entrance to the trails
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