Great source of protein


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Insects are good for you and the environment.

This is lunch in Santa Monica on October 27th (sorry for the crappy camera phone shots).

Fried potato strips with garlic, basil, peppers, and crickets. We got there when they opened and in 15 minutes they were packed for lunch.

They also had waterbugs, scorpions, ants, seaworms, and frog on the menu. The waiter recommended the crickets if we wanted insects. They were pretty good but fried huhu grubs are my favorite insects (nutty and buttery tasting).

Here is the restaurant - cheap, great location, good selection:

bon appetit





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hmmm,..i've been eating allkind of bug,insect,worm,snake,komodo,monkey,,..just to name a few!:)
(back then when i live in the jungle)
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