GReat ride with new friends yesterday


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Gentlemen......Dave, Wayne, Alexi & Tom thanks for an AWESOME ride last night. Madness thanks for setting a great pace and showing us the new section. Heres the GPS data. I figured out what happened. Looks like I lost it when we stopped after the new section on the far side of S. Middlebush. I remember putting my backpack on the bars to dig for gel packs & water. Must have hit the start/stop. DAMN...would have been an awesome loop to look over.
DOnt pay too much attention to speeds, etc. they got corrupted because when we got back to the lot I hit start, thinking I hit stop, so it got me walking around and loaing the bike for 15 minutes thereby dropping down all the avg. speeds, etc. TO kind of correct it if you go to the speed screen and choose the distribution chart with the bars, you can ignore the big bar at like 3mph and see that most of our ride was in the 10-12 mph range. it is...

AWESOME ride guys....
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Loved it all man.....cant wait to ride the rest of what I havent seen! we got to a point where Madness wasn't sure which way to turn to hook up with the trail to the ranger station & we were low on daylight so we took the 'express' route back out.
I think we Saw your truck in the lot @ 27 when we pulled in I think, but didn't see ya.


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Real fun time riding with you guys yesterday. I wish we had some more daylight so we could have found the rest of the new cut. I was a little confused since I haven't been on the trails in like a month. But I will figure it out by the next time we all get together. Bottom line it was a great ride and glad we got a chance to meet up in the parking lot. We will def. do it again.....

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