gpx file type


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Kind of interesting. The .gpx file was 406 kb, while the .kmz file was only 40 kb. I guess I will just convert them to .kmz

Thanks anyway.


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the google pedometer has the feature GmaptoGpx. It says to save the information in a text file. I dont know how to convert it to a .gpx file or a file to upload to my gps device. any ideas? anyone ever hear of this?


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I have a small program that can convert a .kml GE output into a .gpx so I can import the data into Topo USA v6.


Check out GPSBabel for any conversion needs. It pretty much converts everything to anything.

Its open source, free and has no install - just unzip it somewhere and run it from the gui exe it comes with. Unless you like doing stuff from the command line :p

Just my 2 cents!
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