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Hey does anyone have a gps route for Claytons.. Its close enough to my house I could get here on a daily basis.. I just picked up a garmin 705 so trying to get familiar with it




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Clayton is small, almost impossible to get lost. Go there and just ride around, you can probably hit every trail in about 30 minutes.

Its well marked too with signs pointing you back to the parking lot.


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Clayton is pretty small and easy to navigate, but if you'd like to have the trails mapped for quite a few of the NJ trail systems (including Clayton), load the Open Street Map onto your 705 and use that. I've been tracing the trails onto that map for the last year or so and it's nice to have, at least for the first few times you visit a new location. I haven't been to the far northern and southern trails yet, though.

You can also download specific trail rides from Garmin Connect...


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Hey guys...

Im not concerned with getting lost esp Claytons Ive ridden there once before.. Im just trying to compile maps of places I would like to ride so I have a clue as to the routes before I head out.. I just read all 20 pages on the thread about creating GPX files and my brain is still mush. AHAH its prolly easier then I think im just not to savvy when it comes to this kinda stuff.

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