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Need Help.

I'm looking at a GPS (portable/car) for the wife as a X-mas gift. She's mentioned it a few times when lost or driving somewhere that it would have been nice to have a Gps.
So being the good Husband I want to surprise her and get her one. (ok I want one, also :))

I went on the Garmin website and was like OK I'm really confused. There are soo many diff. models to choose from. I read a few of the features and would like Blue tooth and only want to spend around $500.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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DOnt know much about the blue-tooth options cuz to me it is more than you need. I am an auto appraiser and go to 5 places I have never been every day. I use the basest of the base maybe even discontinued Garmin C320--- last I saw this one was under $200!. SUPER easy menu system, fast processor puts up the map before you get to the turns, etc. I LOVE IT. It works nearly flawlessly other than a couple divided roads it doesnt know are divided- easy enough to work around.

I even bought a Europe SD card and took it to Italy where it worked flawlessly.

After seeing mine in action, my father bought the C330 I think under $300 now - essential difference from the 320 is that 330 pronounces names of roads instead of just saying to turn, and comes pre-loaded with the whole US. (320 you have to download form computer into unit)
I took my father's to Maine this summer cuz my memory card wouldnt hold all the states I needed. Worked the same as mine- nearly flawless.

My company tried to be nice and got me a combined Garmin PDA/GPS gizmo that was great for knowing where you had just been. Dont recommend asking your GPS to do anything other than GPS ----it seemed to take too much processor power to have the other features leaving the GPS painfully slow to calculate, recalculate if you miss a turn, and draw maps.

GPS are AWESOME.......and in my experience the Garmins are the best for map data and ease of use. Features I have found helpful are an SD card slot so if you go overseas you can pop in the needed map, and I love the bean bag dash mount cuz if you leave your suction cup mount in the windshield the bad guys know the unit is in the car. Other advice is when you first get it spend time going places you know and tweak settings for navigation until you get the unit thinking the way you think and preferring the kinds of roads you prefer. Happy shopping.....p.s. some online retailers like Abes of Maine and have pricing that kicks butt & they both have warehouses in Edison (I think Abe4s now has a store there too) so shipping is fast and very sheap!


My parents got me the Garmin nuvi 260 for Christmas and it's great for driving, biking, hiking. It's really small too. Can't wait to use it more.
Need to get lost soon...:rolleyes:


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I got the the TomTom One for xmas. The thing is pretty cool. I think its pretty basic for the most part. I dont really need all the bells and whistles anyways. just get me where i need to be. :)
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