GPS/Google Earth of Lewis Morris 8.16.06


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Rode Lewis Morris and Patriots Path today. Attached are a couple of images of the tracks from the ride. The first is the complete ride showing Patriots Path and just about all the trails in Lewis Morris. The second image I zoomed in so the trails in Lewis Morris are a bit easier to see. If anyone wants to know which trails are which, just let me know.



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Lewis Morris GPS

I'm curious, what GPS are you using to record this?
I ride here a lot of wish there was a better map available.
Thanks for posting this
I use a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx. I also have a 60CS, but the 60CSx is far superior. At least in terms of sensitivity. With the 60CS I would have to use a small antenna attached to my helmet. It worked but even with the antenna, there would be times when I would lose the signal. With the 60CSx, I never lose the signal, even without the additional antenna. The 60 CSx was/is Garmin's replacement of the 60CS. Any of the x models has the new Sirf technology, which has a more sensitive receiver.

If there is a way to throw colors or indicate the trail blazes on your map, that would be pretty sweet.
kevindef said:
... With the 60CS I would have to use a small antenna attached to my helmet...

If I see you riding with an antenna on your helmet, you shall thenceforth be called "His boy Elroy" ;)

I have to try and figure that out (labeling the trails with colors). I have thought about doing it, but that is about it. It really shouldn't be to difficult to do, I know which trails are which, I just need to sit and do it.

You won't see me with my little antenna anymore. My GPS is able to pick up the signal OK. I always wondered what people thought when they see me ride by with that thing on my helmet. Although, it is quite small and probably hard to notice.

I will see if I can work up a map with colors and post it up within the next few days.


How did you manage to ride through Jockey Hollow?? I heard stories that they would come after you on ATV's and confiscate your bike if caught riding in there. I would love to try it, if the route you took goes around Jockey Hollow without really violating the space there. I am very familiar with the 2 areas where you connected to Lewis Morris but have never ventured beyond the no biking signs.


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