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Funny, I was talking to my sister who has lived in Germany for 40 years and she spoke of my race. I asked her how could see have possibly known that quick.
Her answer,..I google you name,....and sometimes google you under images.
"You are the first picture!" she says.

Hummm, scary but true.

Scarier yet,.....I saw Ramapo HS,...I've never been there. Turns out there is a Kevin Alan Hoeverman..

I think my father has some explaining to do.
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apparently I'm an awesome-o mountaineer with pictures on everest; wow google, thanks for making me awesome!


Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.

This is the first thing that pops up under my name...


The #4 thing is a video from my first road race...Funny...

My Fisher bio is on page 8...

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I already knew this but I am a highly decorated fighter pilot in Hitlers Luftwaffe in WWII


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Daniel Suhr was one of the first firefighters to be killed on 9/11. He was struck by someone falling from the towers as he tried to enter. Both our wives are named Nancy, and I got several phone calls from misguided support groups reaching out for his widow after his death.


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I'm a high school wrestling coach in Iowa.

Here's a photo of me and my wife; I think her name is Becky.


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I am a doctor with a Hostel in Cuba :getsome:
Doctor Rogelio Ayala says that the best guarantee about his hostelry's standards is that guests always return. His house is located near the historic center, but it is also just a few blocks away from Plaza Carrillo, the most bustling square in the modern part of the city. The house was built in 1826 and retains its original floors and ceilings. The family descends from Antonio Herr y Grau, one of Trinidad's most famous painters, enabling the exhibit of several paintings and objects, which are of great cultural value.


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Not even Close!!!!:mad:
This is Lou Gosset Jr. and Kirk Cameron


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I am the President of a Mortgage Company in Allentown, PA. Kinda weird that is so close :hmmm:


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I'm my own father... Grandfather, too. Creepy. I also see my linked in profile. Then there are about a million references to various types of rebels. Rebel scum, tax rebels, Civil War rebels, you name it.
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