Gold Bond Body Powder


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This stuff is like installing and air conditioner in you footwear. Really.
I am old enough to know when it is time to say goodbye to footwear that has served its duty and can no longer provide comfort and utility without a funk or hurting feet, but in the meantime...

Here is a product that adds comfort, eliminates odor and cools your feet. I use this product everyday in all of my footwear: work boots, biking sneakers and shoes.

It will extend the life of your footwear. It will eliminate any embarrassing foot stench that you know you have but are afraid to admit to. It will keep your feet cool and dry.

I use the triple strength in the summer and the regular one all other seasons.
Just put about a spoonful in each of your socks, shake it around and put the socks on your feet.
Your feet will love you, whatever you slip your feet into will love you, and anyone close by when you take your shoes and socks off will love you too.

I have been using Gold Bond for years now and have turned many others onto its amazing effectiveness. Try it for yourself. Try it for those that live with your feet.


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was going to say it, but I decided not to

Was exactly what i was thinking the entire time i was reading this thread. I found that putting it on before i put on my biking shorts added a little spunk to my step. And it just makes everything more comfortable.


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great cure for swamp butt too. pretty much anything that can get damp and stay damp on your body this is great for. i use the gold bond cream when i shave my legs.


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the gold bond in the green bottle is even better. i use it for "chub rub" issues. haha anyone whos got chubby thighs may know what i mean. not fun.


But if you're putting that stuff in your socks and undies then you can only wear them once before washing, right?


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I've graduated from the yellow bottle to the green for crotch years ago.

The blue bottle is for the feet. And i cannot confirm this myself but i've been told from a friend that the blue on the crotch is too much. But i'm more experienced so i could probably take it.

It is important that when using this for crotch and you are new to it that you start with the training wheels and use the yellow. When the yellow can no longer sustain your addiction, move up to green.

I don't currently use it on feet but should. I like the idea of putting it in the sock though, think i'll try it after next payday. Those bottles are expensive.



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Since when are we supposed to wash our undies? I'm still wearing my Batmans from 78 with no issues


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I have turned a bunch of people on to the wonder powers of Gold Bond.
A guy I worked with had feet that stunk like a mix of sunbaked road kill, scab cheese and basement mold. He would always complain that his boots smelled bad and that they didnt last long due to rot. An extreme case.
I gave him a bottle of Gold Bond and told him to chuck the dead sasquatch rotting in an unplugged freezer smelling boots in the trash and use Gold Bond liberally in his socks everyday.
Changed his life...he thanked me for the introduction numerous times and since then has turned on others to the GB.


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Now scientists call this disease Bromidrosis
And well they should
But us regular folks
Who might wear a tennis shoe
Or an occasional python boot
Know this exquisite little inconvenience by the name of:

A free beer for the first person to name the source of this 'poem'.
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