Going over to 6 mile today for 1st time may get lost


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I am going over to 6 mile today (Friday) around 11am for the first time. I will have an orange cannondale. May get lost. Is anyone else going to be there today that I could ask directions if I see you on the trail?:hmmm:


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but don't worry too much about getting lost - its pretty much an out and back...

This seems like it would be true, but I've found many a frazzled and lost rider at six mile. The area that can get you is the twisty section after the power lines, there is only one turn out (for the most part) to the 27 lot and sometimes riders spin and spin without taking the trail up to the power lines.

Hook up on Sunday at 11am or on a wednesday night at 6 when there is a group going out to get a full tour.


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I have been there a dozen times and still feel like I get lost. Never truly 'lost' but like I am missing big sections. There are many intersections on the perimeter where the deep woods meet the fields and the smaller pine trees that all seem to look the same to me. I usually end up putting a flower or a small stick by the side of the trail I came from at the intersection to avoid those dead ends by the pines. Not sure if I have even ever been on the red trail. some flagging could go a long way to help the lost.
Its a great ride either way, lost or otherwise.


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I'm going out a bit later for a really easy paced ride, just want to keep loose have my first race tomorrow!


Im actually thinking of going for my first time at 6 mile tomorrow afternoon. anyone else going, say, around 3?


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Im actually thinking of going for my first time at 6 mile tomorrow afternoon. anyone else going, say, around 3?

You should make a new thread for this. This thread has been dead for a week and most people aren't gonna bother to come back and check new posts.


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Hey guys I'm thinking of going for coffee in 5. Anyone want to join?


I have today off. I was going to go to Tourne and will then meet you in 5 for a coffee. Unless you're at work in Brooklyn.


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Sorry - couldn't make it for coffee. However, my summer intern brought in doughnuts, so that's good.

My daughter recently started crawling.

e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0 (it's true, for realz)

I may ride six mile tomorrow or sunday. Not sure, though.

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