Going Long and Hard.

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Think I might give this a try. It's 10-speed SS. And blue, which is pretty pimp.




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Despite how incredibly terrible I felt I somehow managed to get 5th place. Strange. Very strange. It's also a good indication that I've been riding sick all CX season as my performance ended up being the same as it would be any other weekend. That's at least somewhat encouraging, this is as bad as I get?


Well no Dan and Dan this weekend.... They were out on the Island Racing, so 5th might have been 7th ?? Just sayin ??:cry:


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i thought i finally found a bike i could just ride without tinkering with...but nooOOOOO. you have to go and post blue f'ing chain rings (that also come in gold, red and black! did i mention GOLD!).

thanks jim.

Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
on a cross bike no?

On the MTB.

And Tyler, you forget the rear cassette will go to a 36. Normally I run a 34T with an 11-32 in back. The cassette that's on there now is an 11-34 but I rarely use the low gear.


Steve Vai

Endurance Guy: Tolerates most of us.
Thursday, I mean WEDNESDAY!!

Still sick. I rode today though. Sorta. Jumped on the bike to ride into Bound Brook to pick up the Van, aka the RefridgeGon. Got a call yesterday that they finished it already. SWEET!!

Got into work to find another pile of wheels for me to glue. Same pattern as last time, 4 road wheels, 1 cross wheel. I had to have glued 100 wheels at least this year by now!! I'm not sure we compare to other shops as far as tubular sales but we have to be up there somewhere. If you add the wheels the other 2 mechanics glue it has to be somewhere near 200 tires guessing conservatively?


After that I had absolutely NOTHING to do:D

So to pass the time I made the rack for my RefrigeGon. Easy project. Cut a 2x4 to length, dropped it in the van and put bikes on it, marked the center of each fork, and drilled holes to mount fork-up things. I drilled the holes just a tad smaller diameter than the bolts so they'd thread into the wood and I wouldn't have to bolt them on the backside. Here's mounts for 3 bikes. I can do another one on the opposite side for 2 more if needed to put 5 in there.


After that I just talked to Luke for 7 hours until it was time to go home. We took the van out for it's first maiden family voyage to Sonic and had some veggie burgers:D

Music stuff. The new ATB is pretty sick BUT I think RareForm is better. Maybe it'll grow on me more? It's still a great album. I got the latest Born of Osiris today, A Higher Place, same record company as ATB and Animals As Leaders. Tosin Abasi used to play guitar in Born Of Osiris before he went solo. It's really good!! There's one more band in the mix I'm gonna check out next. Maybe next week, I have enough stuff to occupy me for now.

Bike stuff. I ordered a road frame. It's a secret. Some of you may find it quite a departure from the bikes I've been riding the past few years but some of my older-skool chums will get it right away. It's gonna be super friggin' cool, classy, and trick. 2 hints, it's not made out of plastic, it's not a Seven:hmmm:

Ok 1 more bonus hint. When I called to order it I talked to the same person that's going to cut the tubes, then weld them together, then paint it, then decal it, and then put it in a box to mail it to me. One guy.

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