going fixed


Hipster Keys
so after wanting to go fixed for a while, and dragging my feet about it...wondering how to do it cheaply...i looked up the tomicog website http://tomicog.blogspot.com/

and for 35 bucks i can make my rig fixed and finally try it out, much easier than having to build up a new rear wheel or something.

im excited....i hope it ships quickly


Love Drunk
Jerk Squad
so I guess you have horiz drops? cool concept, are you planning on riding the fixie offroad?


Hipster Keys
the gary fisher rig has an EBB, its a SS from the factory.

and I already have a road fixed gear, love that bike. I could just throw a cog on the other side of my CX bike hub, but i wanted the full on MTB experience so yeah, fixed rear wheel and front brake only..it should be alot of fun...and for only 35 bucks too!