go outside and look at the moon!


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I did notice that when I got home, didn't know what those other shiny things were. Thanks for the info.


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I don't see anything different except the usual black cloud thats over my house.:(

I'll check back in a bit.


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I noticed it when I left the office around 5pm. I assumed the two lights were something special when they didn't move for a few minutes. I agree that it looked pretty cool.


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Its always pretty when the moon gend planets get close in the sky.

Jupiter is small now (from our perspective) and low in the sky, so its not all that great in a telescope right now. When Jupiter and earth are at opposition, the view is really nice. Saturns rings are also about to go edge on, so the wont be visible for a while.

The coolest thing to see in a telescope is the orion nebula, that thing is amazing.

Sorry, I'll stop now, I'm an astronerd.


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Word. I saw the Moon at the dry cleaners last week. Who knew the Moon was such a regular guy?

saw your drycleaners response to the "leaving the grocery store" quote... i can't stop laughing... i love that.
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