Girl Road Riding Club in Queens/Long Island


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Does anyone know of any girls road riding clubs in the Queens/Long Island area (Great Neck) for beginners? My friend is looking for something.


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JORBA.ORG is probably the best place to go for women-friendly club rides. I don't know how many rides they do on Long Island, but they do offer rides for a variety of abilities and all the rides are graded for pace (and they have a lot of members so there are more than a few rides every weekend).

One club that rides out of Queens quite often is the Kissena Cycling club (I've tagged on to their group training rides before), but they're primarily a racing club, not for beginners...


Hi, I am also looking for all girls ride club in queens/long island. I don't really see beginners' ride. Let me know if there is one. I keep googling. :)
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