Girl Group Rides Allaire?


Looking for a female group ride for my wife to join. She is advanced beginner to intermediate pace. Anyone interested post if not she has to suffer with me. Thanks


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you could both come out for the tuesday night beginner rides. 6:00 trail time at hospital road lot..


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I'd be happy to meet up with her for an Allaire ride. Unfortunuately, there're aren't any 'girls rides' down here. I haven't been on the bike much lately and probably won't be able to get out there until 2nd week in Sept. You can always PM me.

Mike's right about the Tuesday night rides. It's a great ride with even better people!



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She is welcome to ride with me/us, my sister in law is about at that same place in her experience. I would be happy to take her out.



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That works for me. What time? I'm in for any type of ride. Let's see who shows up and then decide what to do. Definitely a no drop ride and I'm happy to stop and work on a skill in a particular section if someone is interested.
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