Giordana Lobster glove


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So I picked up a pair at Halter's yesterday and these things rock my world. My morning commute temp was about 29ish Fahrenheit and as I was mashing away my hands were super warm, it's the ideal cross between a mitten and a glove since mittens tend to be warmer but all I need is my index finger to fit around the perches for a comfy grip. Everything is windproof except for the little fleece portion on the thumb but it's so small and tucked away so nicely that my thumbs were just as cozy as everything else.

On a side note if you're into winter riding i picked up a nike pro therma fleece at marshall's (was looking for socks and stumbled upon this) for 20 bucks:

This thing is one of the best 20 dollars I 've spent it's ALL I wear with a jersey on top and I'm super comfy the whole ride. I've been sporting the respective tights for a while under my bike shorts and they farking rock too...$16 bucks. Betwen those tights, gloves, and shirt you have a nice outfit for winter commuting/riding For like 75 bucks can't beat it! Riding in the cold makes you faster! (till you (read: I) get hit by a car :drooling:)!


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I was at Marshalls over the weekend and I saw some decent warm gear for cheap, though I didn't pick up anything. Point is, stop in and check it out ever once in a while you'll be suprised at what is in there
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