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What is your favorite place to ride in NJ and why?

Let's not debate which one is best. Just explain why you like your choice.

Blue Mountain is not allowed. That is in NY. :rolleyes:


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6 mile, because its the only single track I've rode so far. I hope to expand my exposure soon, but this place is so fun I'm betting that it will always be my favorite.


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Holy questions Batman!

Six Mile Overall...big surprise but I am not much of a "laps" type of guy making 6 mile perfect for the time I usually have to ride. Oh and the trails f'ing rule too....

Sourlands for the rough stuff...

I really never drive more than 1/2 hours from my house (Lawrenceville) so these are my favorite in central....


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Although with all the new trailage, RW and Jungle Hab are gaining fast.

Another plus for Wawayanda is that in my humble estimation, it's also the most beautiful and "wildest" place to ride in the state. I believe that if you blindfolded someone from another state, dropped 'em off in the middle of the park, without a doubt "New Jersey" would be one of the last states they would answer for the location. It's like being transported to a more peaceful, yet more feral place. I don't get that in most other parks.
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6 mile, because its the only single track I've rode so far. I hope to expand my exposure soon...

That is the reason for threads like this. You'll get to see what everyone else likes and make plans to get there.

If someone points out a place that you are not familiar with, hit the Trail Directory at the top for more info. Even start a new thread asking questions. Woohoo!!!


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This year my favorite place has become Ringwood. Why? Because it has everything.


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Mahlon Dickerson - 'Cause it is very close to my house and I've barely ridden anywhere else in NJ: RW (1 time), Wayway (1 time), Ramapo (1 time), Stephens (1 time), KVSP (1 time).

When going riding, it is tough to beat that 5 minute car ride, or 15 minute bike ride, to MD.

Luckily, MD offers a little bit of everything so riding there almost exclusively ain't so bad.


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Six Mile Overall...big surprise but I am not much of a "laps" type of guy making 6 mile perfect for the time I usually have to ride. Oh and the trails f'ing rule too....

Sourlands for the rough stuff...


nothing like having these two extremely different places so close to home.


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My Favorite place is Ringwood. Why, cause I grew up near there and it is where I began riding a MTB. When I race there, I feel like I have home field advantage. It gets enough traffic that you can always see the preferred line but it is still challenging. Fire road to climb up and single-track to bomb down.

It is adjacent to other parks. Ringwood SP can be the start, destination, or the half-way point of some truly epic rides. You can ride literally all day and never be on the same trail twice.

As Norm said, it's got everything.
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Hartshorn -why ?
20 min driving from my house -,40 min on a bike .
it has technical stuff , but still in not too much tech ...

miss more epic riding - I believe I could find it in Ringwood but is 1:15 hour driving each way .... so any time I have a will to explore other locations, time constrains drug me back to Hartshorne ...

Thanks to nice riders in mtbnj like Mare and Ben I had a chance to visit to 6 mile (didn't like ) and CR ( cool place !).
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6 mile run for me....close to my home, LOVE the twisties, love how each different section has a slightly different rythmn & feel, love all the work that gets put into that place that has it constantly evolving, changing for the better & growing & that you can almost every ride bump into somebody there for the first time who cant believe how much trail there is in such a congested part of the state.


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i would have to agree with techno-timmy. MD is my recent favorite place to ride. it is also the furthest park from me (25 minutes) so i get to ride there the least.

i REALLY need and education on stephens and 'mooch north. those to parks are literally 10 minutes from where i sit and i never ride either one. dumb, dumb, dumb. in the time it takes me to get my road bike ready i could be there in the dirt. i just don't have the time luxury to wander around there and figure it all out.
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Six mile run because its so close and convenient and because each section of the park has its own distinct character.

Allamuchy north is my current favorite place overall. However, it is the only "big" NNJ park that I've hit so far.

My ride resume looks like this:
Six Mile - a lot
Rimney Chock - a lot
Sourlands - a few times when I was less experienced (and it got me quite frustrated)
Hartshorne - once in a while
Rutgers Preserve - rode twice, didn't think it was worth the drive
Mercer - rode two or three times, I always opt for 6 mile over the longer drive to Mercer
Allamuchy North - rode once, loved it


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Last weekend was my first successful trip back to my favorite spot, Chimney Rock. Different spots of the park give you different features, you can find a little bit of everything. Plus it gives me a tiny taste as to whats going on further north without the drive.


I'll have to say Allamuchy North. It became my favorite because it has lots of rocks! However recently i've grown very fond of Wawayanda. The loop that we do is quite nice and it takes you through fun and technical stuff. Plus it's got the possible sighting of bears to keep you pedaling fast! :)
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Wawayanda because it has a great trail system and I can get to the trail head 30 seconds out of my driveway.


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Allaire would have to be my favorite because it is my "home court" basically. its fast and flowy. hartshorne would be second because it kicks my ass everytime im there. third would def be 6 mile. super fast and fun.
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