Getting to know you??? Question #4...


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I like the feeling of zipping through the trees:) It's the same one you get skiing a nice set of trees. I hit less of the trees when I'm skiing, though.


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exercise, outdoors, the challenge of going faster/keeping up with someone, and the mud :)


It bleeds the stress of life out. There is nothing like a great ride with your core group of Dirtbags that makes you appreciate life.


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Fitness is why I started riding. It's still a big part of it but I also just like getting outside. I enjoy the speed which is why I can't jog for exercise without going a little crazy. At this point though it's become a lot more than fitness and being outside. Now it's what I do with my friends on the weekends.


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....i get to feel like a kid again.

Ding Ding Ding!!!! That's what I'm talkin bout!!!

I remember the first day I rode a bike by myself. It was a weekday in the summer of '77. I was 5yo. A friend down the street, a year older than me, was riding in his driveway. I watched him and just figured it out. I immediately rode home, with his bike, and showed my mom. The reward of doing something new and figuring it out on my own was so rewarding. My most memorable rides are the ones that bring that feeling back.

I had a couple of them recently and they were sweet.


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I don't have the medical insurance to go any farther in my enduro/hare scramble career, so it's the next best thing............and i HATE walking


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Question #4...

Why do you ride???

To have and set goals, to push myself and to compete against other riders and the thrill of being on the edge without falling off. Nah thats not it, the real reason is it gives me a reason to pee in the woods.

RC ... :)
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Started out as a way to exercise and limit the number of trips to the cardiologist. Two years after I started - my cardiologist told me to stop bothering her and that she is starting to doubt her earlier diagnosis :D

Quickly found that it is a great way to relieve stress. I can be up against a career breaking deadline or one mortgate payment shy of bankruptcy... but for the 1-2 hours I am on the trail, I don't even remember what it is that I do in real life.

Now isn't that better than any drug mankind can whip up?


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I need exercise and my knees/back don't let me do anything else I like.

I like machinery.

I get to associated with the fine folks of MTBNJ :drooling:


For me, biking's just more fun than running. Even biking on the road is fun. Plus I can't surf or ski.

Good for my mind and soul too. A real stress-reliever.

Trying to get my wife into it (bought her a kickass bike and everything), but she still likes running better. Not giving up though ...


It takes you to fantastic places - just check out the "Your scenery" thread. You get to reset your head too.
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