Getting to Know You??? Question #3...


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Well the overwhelming response to question #2 made up for a lackluster #1. How about we go for another?

Question #3
Explain a personal passion or hobby other than cycling?


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My daughter and my wife are my everything. Before them I pretty much had a black heart and could give a rats ass less about myself or anything around me. They have both taught me whats important, how to care, how to be a little less selfish:rolleyes: and have given me a reason to get up every morning.


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the REAL football!! ;)



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walt pretty much f-ed all future answers to this thread, that was good stuff dude.

When unable to ride I manually masturbate farm animals for artificial insemination.


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Open wheel road racing (you can keep your taxi cab and roundy-round racing).

I've always been a gear head. Once I took my very first hot lap in an open wheel formula car, well, it was like finding religion.

I'm one of those people that have a billion things ripping around in my mind at any given time. But when the visor came down, it was complete focus...a "singularity of mind". Oddly enough, rippin' ass around Limerock or Watkins Glen was the only time in the last decade I can say I was mentally relaxed.

I don't know why I haven't been able to achieve this level of focus in other sports. Maybe it is the consequences involved if I didn't completely focus on the "single task" of getting the car around the track that forced it.

Unfortunately, I probably wore the Nomex for the last time Oct. 2000. Three kids, a mortgage, college funds, and $$ to live in NJ have all but guaranteed that.


Ubiquitous dorky helmet under arm picture of me and my Formula Continental (Reynard SF88) attached. Note that you *can* see the Stumpjumper in the trailer. Riding it around the paddock was the only riding I did in that time period.

Plus a picture of Moose at age 2...nothing but cheeks that kid was..


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ah how i am loving question number 3! my other huge passion is flyfishing... nothing like the feeling of solitude i get out on a river or creek or the ocean sometimes... i am in a state of nirvana and at the same time i get some serious things sorted out in my mind:D


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besides my family (walt - great response), i have a handful of hobbies/passions.

music. i majored in music in college (studied euphonium and composition) even did it to pay the rent for a while - i love it. from bass playing and rockin' out (like wrecking stages and equipment i can't afford to replace), to quiet jazz gigs, to writing and performing the real avant garde/modern stuff (like 12 tone, microtonal, or just plain weird stuff). i love music. it is and always will be a part of me.

skiing - its what got me into mtn biking. i started biking to stay in shape for skiing. now i ski less often than i bike, but i love it when i do. i'm not a big fan of skiing open slopes really anymore tho - its gotta be in the trees, and i have lately progressed to earning my runs versus taking a lift - the backcountry rules.

bouldering (rock climbing) - it was all i did (besides music) for a long while during/after college. i love bouldering - its real pure, no ropes involved. just you, shoes, rock and a crash pad. i don't have enough time to do it now to say i 'actively' climb, but i was really into it and still consider it a passion... i love to read about it, and occasionally write about it. in fact, i helped write a section of the falcon 'rock climbing in NJ' guide. i just dont have the time to dedicate to it to progress much less stay good at it. i climb in the late fall and winter now, mostly in the gyms if the weather blows, but something else has taken my winters now which leads me to...

surfing - walking on water, what more can you say? i suck at it still, but i am totally addicted and i am getting better everytime i go out.

and last, reading - i don't do it much, but when i do, i read the beats, mountaineering stories, music stuff (like theory/history), and stuff about physics.


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+1 on music.
i started out playing flute, but really got into it when i picked up a guitar. Now I mainly focus on composition. i play alot of stringed instruments (violin, piano, mandolin, and bass to name a few), a fair amount of woodwinds (fife, tin whistle...), and a mean bodhran. I write everything from trance to math metal to acoustic jazz to agro-folk. I'd love to make film scoring a career...

Clark, cheetah chrome is sick nasty bro!


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Clark, cheetah chrome is sick nasty bro!

thanks man - check out the original (if they still have it on the site) - these are old bandmates of mine.

film scoring - good fun man. go for the student films if you want to get music out there. they don't pay well (if at all) but if you hit RU and NYU, there is usually a ton of students with films that are always looking for someone to drop original stuff over their films.


This is totally a girl answer - but I love to make cards and scrapbooks. Can't get enough, so I teach classes, sell my wares, etc.

I think it is weird but cool to get all muddy and bloody out on the trail, wash up, and make something pretty. :)

Well, that's my 'opposite of biking' answer. I also have been known to be an avid runner and swimmer. Somehow biking seems to be taking over though!


For me, it's all about the 4 B's: Basketball, Boxing (watching it on TV), Billiards, and Butts.

I'm not that good at basketball, but I really suck at every other sport so b-ball is still my favorite team sport to play.

I know nowadays MMA has pretty much eclipsed boxing in terms of popularity, but I still love watching the really great practitioners of the sweet science. My favorite fighter nowadays is Juan Manuel Marquez. He's nearing the end of his career, and I don't know if moving up to 135 is a good idea at his age, but what a beautiful fighter. There are better defensive fighters than him (James Toney and Floyd Mayweather Jr. come immediately to mind), but I don't know if I've seen anyone with his combination of speed, power, offensive versatility, smarts, and heart in a long time.

I'm an average billiards player. I mostly play 9-ball and some 8-ball. I've been trying to improve my straight pool game, but I've got a long way to go (forget about One Pocket or Rotation). Don't know why, but when I'm feeling stressed out, sometimes a little time at a 9' table helps to calm and focus my mind. Biking is the only other thing that does that for me.

As for butts, does it even require an explanation? I'm a butt connoisseur. Always have been. Good thing my wife isn't on MTBNJ. When she catches me checking out butts, there's always hell to pay. Quick tip to all the young guys out there (in case you all don't know this already): if you get cold busted, deny everything. It's better for your relationship. Better still, try showing some appreciation for that amazing woman who puts up with your sorry ass and don't be sampling that eye candy in the first place - at least not when she's standing right next to you :p

P.S. Just in case anyone got the wrong idea, I'm totally crazy about my wife. Head over heels. Sometimes I tease her and say I only married her for her butt, but seriously, she's the best thing that ever happened to me. She's really supportive of my hobbies, especially biking, which can be both dangerous and expensive.


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I'm a maniac reader. Always have a book in the car and I read while I'm driving (just kidding). I devour 3 books / month mostly best sellers with some classics mixed in. If I'm not reading a great book and don't have one on deck I'm freaking out!


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Lost Passion: crew. I used to row on the crew team in college. Bow man, mens heavy, 8. I would love to get a scull and start rowing again, but the realist in me knows that would only cut into my limited time to ride.


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i like to think I know what is going on with my vegetable gardens...i think I have 10,000 tomatoes this year.


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I've got a couple it seems as well.

Bouldering some but I really love sport climbing . When I'm not on the trails I'm dreaming of where I should be climbing. I've been all over climbing and some of my favorites spots are New River Gorge WV, and Rumney NH for sport. HP40 in Alabama and the Gunks for bouldering.

I've been playing for years although not well. In the last year or two I've been playing better and more seriously. It's addictive if done right.

I just want to get out so if I can explore some area that I haven't been too already or want to summit something I'll play around with that. I've done one 14'er already and have a bunch more on my tick list.

I've only been skiing for 2 years and I love it. Although the skiing around here has a bit to be desired, VT and CO have some awesome stuff. It's hard to get me out of the trees.

Water Skiing:
Another sport I've been doing for years and it's more of a relaxing thing when I'm at my parents lake house. Drink some beers, have some bbq, and go do some skiing.


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snowboarding / skiing - about 50/50 on any particular trip. i'm not one of those people who gave up skiing once discovered boarding, still very much enjoy both equally.
golf - not as frequent as before with family, kids, mtbing and other stuff.
scuba diving - mostly warm water
photography - too many great moments in life to pass up without memorializing

almost forgot - play on 2 ice-hockey leagues

#1 - wife and boys!
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