Getting to know you??? Question #2...


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All right, question #1 was not a booming success. I'm not willing to give up just yet.

We come from all types of backgrounds and do all types of different things.

Question #2
How do you make a living?


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High school Teacher of English by day, Junior College Writing Instructor evenings. Current summer job is working as a painter in my school district.

I also have been:
-bike shop employee
-mens shoe salesman
-meter reader for JCP&L
-roofer, commercial & residential
-athletic shoe salesman
-fruit basket constructor at a florist
-high school soccer coach
-high school basketball coach
-day camp soccer program supervisor


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Datatelecom/AV guy maybe 12ish hrs a week,tree farm w/ a firewood stand,mow some lawns here and there, shovel snow when i feel like it and collect scrap metal. Now that i think about it, i don't do sh*t really:D


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I am the most hated, reviled and despised professional on the face of the earth - well, that is until you need my services, of course. Do you know what I am? In case you need a more clues, you will call me when the :hitsfan:, pay me to :argue: on your behalf, get :confused: when I explain the process and :puke: when you receive my bill...

In my prior lives, I was a:
Computer Network Manager
Marketing Coordinator
Pharmacy Store Clerk

What did I want to be? A NASCAR driver.


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I work with an artist. He has ideas, I give them form and manage a team of artist/technician types to get it done. The ideas become films and my title is Production Designer. I have travelled all over installing work in museums and filming in some fantastic places with some great people. It is a lot of work but it's a lot of fun.

In the past I have managed and worked in fabrication shops doing artist projects and making theme architecture for casinos, restaurants and amusement parks.

I am also a part time slum lord. ;)


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Programmer for an industrial institution that you've all heard of, and more than likely not rung the opening bell for.

Previously I've been a programmer for various telecom companies.

Before that I worked at Borders in Bridgewater.

Before that it was a liquor store in Piscataway.

Before that it was a farm in Hunterdon county.


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Chemical Operator..Work at Oil Refinery in Linden,NJ

Previous employment:

Aircraft Mechanic for US Airways/LGA

Helicopter Mechanic/US NAVY


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Summer time I'm a stay at home dad(more like hanging at pool club dad) who works part time at a bike shop. During the fall and winter and spring I work full time for Ski Barn. So basically I sell toys all year long and get to hang with my kids. I've got it good.:)


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'Work for a big hi-tech company you've all heard of (80+% of you are sitting within a foot or two from some of my company's products as you read this).

Been a software/engineering manager for the better part of 17 years; everything from first line manager to Director of Software Devt for a division of said behemoth company.

The remainder of my 20 year professional "career" was as a software developer.

The last 10 years has been mainly telecommunications/computer telephony. Then it was 8 years in medical instrumentation. Then a couple of years in factory robotics.

Lately, I've been working on divestiture related activities as said behemoth has sold my division.

'Probably be unemployed this fall as I've turned down multiple relocation my home state (Oregon) first...sigh...

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I work for a large computer data management company. We keep data safe and accessible for most of Wall St, the Pharma business, Insurance, Airlines.. well heck, just about every one who needs to keep electronic information.

I sit in my office all day and give orders to those who do the real work for above mentioned firms. My goal, make the customers happy and they buy more stuff, the company stock goes up, I get to buy a new Blur LT2 frame.

I really want to work in outdoor adventures as a tour guide, but my family doesn't want to reign in it's fiscal irresponsibility.

Before I went to college I tried construction, lobster fishing, retail, surfing, auto body repairs.
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i am in outdoor advertising sales. before that

i worked for what is now the largest brewer in the whole wide world buying and planning media.

before that was...




it'll come to me after i finish this redhook. :D


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I work for a mid-sized software development company as a hardware support administrator.
up to a year and a half ago I was the Unix and backup system administrator with the IT department then I moved to the development side of the house doing system test.
Recently I moved back to more of a lab coordinator position.I have been with this company for 10 years.
Prior to that I worked for Bell Atlantic as a field support administrator
which means if it has anything to do with computer hardware I most likely have worked on it in a break-fix environment.
all in all this make me kinda like an uber-geek...but I like it..I also run linux at home so there.


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nah, seriously...

I win raffles and giveaways for a living :p
ok, ok,... I am in charge of the Manufacturing department for a company that manufactures and distributes the exciting products that are: Toilet Bowl Cleaners and Air Fresheners. So if you have something that smells good on your toilet or in your home, chances are we made it or brought it from China :D

I was in IT before.
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