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Name your favorite piece of bike related gear; Component, clothing, accessory, etc. Go ahead name a few if you can't decide which is best.

Here's mine:
Chris King Headset. Truly an "install and forget about" bike component. The first one I bought is currently on its fourth bike. That's right. It has outlived three other bikes. I now own just three bikes and CKs are on two of them. The third uses a hidden HS and CK doesn't do hidden headsets.

Sidi Shoes. Way back in the early '90s I was going through a pair of MTB shoes each season. Specialized and Shimano shoes would just fall apart on me. I bought a pair of Sidi Dominators in '96. Holy sh!t they have taken a beating. I retired them two years ago for a newer pair of Dominators. A few weeks ago, I installed a pair of cleats and was rocking the old pair at the Mercer CX Race. The Velcro is nearly useless but the ratcheting buckle keeps them on my feet. At one point I think I had 5 or 6 pairs of Sidi shoes.

Sealed Cartridge Bottom Bracket. I remember the days when a bottom bracket was made up of multiple cups, bearings, a spindle, etc. You needed multiple tools and three hands to get it tuned just right. Too tight it would bind. Too loose and you'd feel it in the cranks. Two rides later you'd have to tear it down and repack everything. Nightmare. Then came the sealed BB. Everyone cried because you couldn't rebuild and service it. Have you ever needed to? Spins silky-smooth for years.

Clip-less pedals. That's right...I used to rock the toe-clips. I had the first generation SPDs in '91 (535s maybe). Then I had the 7 series before moving onto Time pedals.

Oakley eye-wear. I was just talking about my first Oakleys during a ride last night. Frogskins in '89ish. Clear frame with Blue/green lenses. Then I went to Razor Blades. Although I had a short stint with Bosch&Loam Killer Loops, I currently have more Oakley eye wear than I can keep track of. Three sets of Mumbo frames, two E-wires, Half-Jackets, lenses galore... These days my disease is in remission and you will find me using a clear lens in all conditions.

Base Layers. I love base layers. I can no longer ride without at least a tank top under my jersey. I sleep in Craft LS base layers in the winter.


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My Long Sleeved Xterra Jersey. I bought it at the race in Tahoe last year. The only problem is I do not want to get it dirty!

And I know this is REALLY dumb and it going to say volumes about my lack of a gear head gene...and I must preface this by saying that I love my bike, the whole package, but I I love my bell. It makes me feel like a kid when I ring it. It just makes me happy.


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my favorite has got to be 29er wheels. they really, really changed the way i look at the trail. i'm a jeep guy so having a big wheel and a low COG (that's center of gravity) makes sense to me.

the other thing i LOVE is my single gear. i fell in love with the SS the first time CEM let me rock his cannondale at deer park. that whole 'kid on a bmx' feeling is the best. pedal and go.


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Fav gear

Chains. Nothing more satisfying to me than a clean chain. Just saying the word makes me happy.

My most reliable gear has been my upgrade to KMC chains. I am a big fat guy and I tend to cross chain. I have broken almost every type of chain; Shim, SRAM, Whipperman, etc. The KMC chains has lasted me the longest.


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I love my bell. It makes me feel like a kid when I ring it. It just makes me happy.

That's awesome!

Bike - Getting the Niner this spring was a step-up in my biking world. The whole bike just started to combine a lot of good things to create a bike that was better for me. It's still evolving but I feel like every time I get on it it's the only bike I want to ride.

Part - Mavic wheels. They just rock.

Gadget - Really still like the GPS. Interestingly enough, I find it great for road biking. It allows me to open up all sorts of new areas without getting lost.

Food - I love to eat, just love to eat. Right now, Clif bars are the greatest thing in the world for these long rides I'm doing.

Clothing - The 3 pieces of clothing I love are the Craft base layer, Castelli winter socks, and almost any full-finger gloves. I also totally love the Twin Six jersey. Oh and bib shorts. This is the first year I've done bib shorts and they're awesome.

I still seek the perfect shoe, though these Lake winter shoes are pretty damn awesome.


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My 4.5 lbs of spare tubes. Thanks to Ryan I now got into the habit of carrying 3 tubes. Next I start to think about bring some tools with me.


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if i had to break down my bike into separate components... I would say it's my wheelset. dt240's on stans arch 29 w/ignitors run tubless. the xt cassette is nice too


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They are so pretty


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well not really a bike part and only used for MX and Downhill, but it would have to be my Steve McQueen edition Troy Lee helmet.



How can you not love something that has "LONG LIVE STEVE MCQUEEN" painted on it.

As far as bike Raliegh is such a steaming pile, I would say the spd's are the only thing about it that I love. The rest of it should be melted down and made into beer cans.


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1. my platform pedals on my DJ bike. they are way too heavy and cheap, but after being clipped on my x/c bike for so long, it is a nice change to just grab a bike in my jeans and sneakers and ride. the platforms also let me mentally go bigger, so i try more stuff.

2. my butt-pad shammy shorts. if it weren't for my cannondale sham, my buttcheeks would have gone on strike a few years ago.

3. 29er wheels.

4. prescription sunglasses. I CAN FINALLY SEE THE TRAIL AGAIN!!! contacts are next.


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There are a ton of nifty things you could buy for your bike, but nothing will make you stronger than a PowerTap wheel to train with:D



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XTR pedals with multi release cleats. i never, ever, ever get stuck in my pedals and never pop out when i don't want. they work like magic!

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Eggbeater pedals. Years ago racing at Allamuchy, or rather trying to get clipped in and standing around beating the snot out of my shoes to try to clear the mud from my SPD pedals and some dude rides by in the dark and says to me "eggbeaters". I switched and never looked back.

last Friday at Six Mile when the bike was clogged so bad the wheels barely turned, and I was clipping in and out with ease. :) :) :)

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I just threw a MRP XCG basguard (ss version) on my full suspension and LOVE IT...No more dropping the chain on your geared bike or dirt build up between the bashguard and chain ring...This comes in triple and ss version...


Oh yeah can't forget my wheelset...King hubs laced to Stan's


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Proof of my Sidi Shoe fetish:

This photo is from a while ago. I had one more pair at the time but it was at the gym in a locker. I sold a couple of these so I'm down to just three pair


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1. my platform pedals on my DJ bike. they are way too heavy and cheap, but after being clipped on my x/c bike for so long, it is a nice change to just grab a bike in my jeans and sneakers and ride. the platforms also let me mentally go bigger, so i try more stuff.

big +1


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Ben you owned winter shoes!??!! Blasphemy!

I have not been riding for to long so there is not much to compare too. I am thankful that I did not have to ride with the technology or should I say lack there of that many of you endured.

So my favs:

Garmin Edge 305: Although currently not working, it is the single most piece of cycling equipment that I use the most. It has been a great training tool for me as well as a life saver which keeps me from getting lost. I hope soon to upgrade.

29" wheels: If you dont ride em, you should. When you do youll know why there on my list.

Craft base layer: How else are you supposed to brave the winter months.

Chamois butter: I like it ALOT. The one thing I WILL NOT ride without. And my ass thanks me. :D

Tubeless wheels: Saved me hours of trail side repairs.

Yellow Spinergy Spox Wheelset: These are on my cross bike. Of all my bikes this one is my favorite. They are super smooth. Perfect for their application. These wheels just set it off!

I also think Gore Tex should sneak in there too bc it does a damn good job.

This thread should have come at thanksgiving and been the "What are cyclists thankful for":D
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