Getting to Know You??? Question #1...


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I thought it may be fun to post some random questions to help us get to know one another better. Let's call this the first thread of a series. If we have fun with it I'll come up with more questions.

Question #1:
What is your most embarrassing moment.
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I was only a few weeks into my Freshman year at Lakeland Reg. H.S. I was on the Soccer team. The coach was not a member of the faculty and always arrived a little late. My team mates and I would loiter in the gym staring at the girls VB team. In our restlessness, we would shoot hoops with the random volleyballs that were rolling around.

During one of these games, the ball got away from us. I went running after it with another guy right next to me. The ball rolled under the volleyball net but we continued our chase. While running at full speed, I did not duck far enough and ran into the bottom of the net. My head stopped but my body kept going. From what I was told, my body went up in the air and my head was the first thing to hit the gym floor.

When I regained consciousness a few moments later. The volleyball coach and the entire girls VB team was standing around me in disbelief. My face had been cut by the taught wire and nylon net. I had an egg on the back of my head from hitting the floor.

I looked like the elephant man the next day and didn't go to school. I returned to school the following day. The first friend I saw looked at me and said I "should have stayed home the rest of the week".

Not a very good way to start High School. :eek:


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Gonna keep it bike related...

I was pre-riding at Mt. Snow. I come around a corner and see some Luna Chicks hanging out. One was Georgia Gould, didn't know the other one, but I completely stopped paying attention to what I was doing. I was thinking about how cool it is to see pro riders out on the course. I clipped a root and started to fall over. I managed to get my foot down first but I completely fell over anyway. They were both like - wow nice save, good job. I picked up my bike, said thanks and rode off.

Not really a huge deal but still pretty funny :rofl:


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When I was in the Army, my platoon was practicing night attack on a trenchline. My nvgs fogged up so I couldn't see, so I grabbed the back of the guy in front of me and followed him through. After the trench was clear, they sent me to go pick up the fire support folks. I told them I couldn't see anything, so they popped a chem light and told me to run to it. Off I went, not realizing that between me and the light was a triple strand concertina wire barrier. It took them about 45 minutes to get me out. I shredded my uni pretty good, but was (aside from my severely wounded ego) unharmed:)

On the bike? I went off a root drop during a group ride a bit too fast. I lost control and careened through the crowd of onlookers. I can only imagine it felt like crashing a rally car into a crowd. "Oh my god I'm gonna die!" Followed by, "hey, at least I won't be lonely." Luckily, everyone was able to get out of the way in time.


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Riding in a race at the Tourne back in the early nineties I had a great start and entered the woods at the top of the climb in the top ten. Heading down the front side under the rock face I decided to take a small air off a log. When I landed I stuffed my wheel into a rock(more like a wall) that I swear was never there(I rode there avg 5x a week). I proceeded to eject over the bars head first. Meanwhile my bike followed me over my back launching a good 10ft in the air. My bike landed in a sapling hanging front wheel down. I hopped back on and tried to get back on with the leaders but at the bottom of the hill where it hits the gravel path again there was a choke littered with imbedded rocks. Psssst rear flat. Great day only made better by my girlfriend(now wife),my parents, and some riding buddies walk up as I'm fixing the flat laughing their a**es off. They were in the woods on the down hill and watched the entire fiasco.

As I'm typing this my wife asked what I was doing and she started laughing at the memory. I'm glad that my pain still entertains her 14 years later. :wedgie:


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not most embarrassing by any means but...

this one time, i was on this group ride, and i tried to hop a little fence thing, and i fell :p
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I've been trying to think of any one embarrassing moment and I'm having a tough time coming up with one. That's not to say that my life isn't littered with them. Quite the contrary in fact. But I'm drawing a blank on identifying anything that stands out especially.

I'm sure high school is full of them but I've more or less blacked that period out of my life.


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I've got a bike related story too.

I was doing a ride in Ringwood many years ago. A friend and I were coming down the fire road hill that dumps into the famous Lot C. I could tell that the lot was full of people and I let go of the brakes and came roaring into the lot hootin and hollerin like MADness. I then proceeded to wash out my front tire and dump it in the middle of the lot in front of a couple dozen strangers. Turned out I had gotten a flat on the decent into the lot and the tire was empty and caused the spill.

I never got my bike on the car so fast. I begged my buddy to start the car and get us out of there. He felt bad for me. :eek:


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i was riding with evan (downhiller on this site) at kittatiny and i kept hearing a clicking sound and brushed it off. about 2 miles into my ride i lost my back brake. seems that some carless mechanic forgot to tighten the bolts on my caliper and one was missing and the second worked its way out. ill would highly recomend not going to the mechanic in vernon who sometimes wears a pink shirt.

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Garage sale wipeout

My most embarrassing on a bike:
I had just bought my first set of clipless pedals and fitted them on my bike. We happened to be having a garage sale and as folks were looking though the various piles of crap on the driveway, I climbed on the bike while stationary, clipped in, and unable to clip back out since these SPD's were cranked down tight fell over on the driveway in front of half a dozen people. I mashed my knee on the belgian blocks beside the driveway pretty bad and had to muffle the language that I wanted to scream since there were kids about.


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One year at Pedros after a long ride. I was almost back at the camp site, moving fast, downhill on the road. When I noticed a bunch of bikes at the side of the road, getting ready to head out on the ladies ride. The sight of so many women ( a fairly rare sight for the MTB scene in the mid- 1990s ) caused my attention, and front wheel to drift off the pavement, sending me into a long, drawn out tumble, caught up in the bike. When I finally got up there was a silent pause, then a polite golf clap from the 20+ women riders (led by Julie Furtado). I was ok physicaly. Ego and bike-wise not so much. I snapped my fork arch in half and hid the bike in my tent. I kept a low profile for the rest of the fest.


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I dont know where to begin. Im sure most of you here have seen me thouroughly embarrass myself.

I saw this and clicked in right away wondering"Which story could he possibly pick as THE best?" and this is all i get?:hmmm:


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About 8 years ago I had a motorcycle that I had put up for sale in the newspaper and Auto Shopper. Some kid came one day, said he was interested and that he would get back to me if he could swing the money.

About a week later he calls to see if the bike is still available, I tell him that it is. He says he will stop by with his mother the following day to give me the money. The next day comes, he calls and minutes later he's at my door. I wheel the bike to the bottom of the driveway for him, he says his mom is on the way. He asks if he can take it for a quick spin before she gets there and I agree.:rolleyes:

As he rolls around the corner, Nicole says to me, "Hey Walter, how did he get here?" With that, I knew I would probably never see my bike, or money, ever again. I hoped for the best and jumped in my car and went down the street, thinking maybe he was going really fast and the dead end barricade came up on him to fast and I would find him splattered against it. Not the case.

So the cops come and he's taking down all my info and he says to me, "So when did you realize it was gone?" I hung my head and quietly said, "when he drove it around the corner"

First came the head shake, then the chuckle, then he says, "Hey Walter, I'm going to ask you to turn around for me"

I ask why

He says, "So I can boot you square in the ass!!"

there you go, that one is in the memory bank forever, as well as a host of others. Feel free to start the ass bootin'


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When I first moved to 'Jersey, I knew absolutely nobody. Everybody I worked with had to set me up with any 25-35 y.o. single female they knew. I became the king of the blind date.

So, I was setup to meet a woman named Rebbecca at a TGI Friday's (or was it a Hoolihans, I forget) bar after work. I go to the bar, don't see anyone matching the description. I wait a little longer. Nobody.

So, I start thinking I have the wrong place...after all I'm not familiar with the area. So, a quick check of the phone book and sure 'nuff, there is another one nearby.

So I rush off to the other place, walk in, and see a woman meeting the description. So I walk up and ask "Rebbecca?"...she responds "yes", so I introduce myself, sit down and start chatting with her.

Maybe 10 minutes pass and things are going very well, she's attractive, seems smart, not bad for a blind date. Then as the conversation progresses, some things no longer add up based on what I was told about her. So I mention our mutual friend..."Who?" she says. Huh?!

Well sure 'nuff it was the wrong Rebbecca. At about that time, I see another blond matching the description on the other side of the bar, looking a little agitated, like maybe her blind date was a half hour late or something.

At that point I explained to Rebecca what had happened; she thought it was funny as hell. Then a gaggle of her friends show up and she had to tell them what had just transpired. They all thought it was funny as hell.

They all watched me go to the other side of the bar and introduce myself to the "correct" Rebbecca.

I know, I know, I should've told the "incorrect" Rebbecca nothing and kept playing along with it; but no, I didn't want to offend/piss off my co-worker and didn't want to be a jerk to the "correct" Rebbecca.

The "correct" Rebbecca didn't think it was so funny.


As you might imagine I didn't end up liking the "correct" Rebbecca and like a dumb ass I didn't think to get the other Rebbecca's number. Damn...


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I don't know where to begin. I'm sure most of you here have seen me thoroughly embarrass myself.

MTB ride at Allaire last year. I'm not sure if it was our first meeting or not. We had done a small loop and made our way back to the lot. I had been in front of Fred all ride and paid no attention. Then we left headed towards the river trail. Within 100 yards Fred catches a pedal on a big root or fallen tree and launches himself over the bars in spectacular fashion.

I made a mental note to remain ahead of Fred for the rest of the ride. :rolleyes:
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MTB ride at Allaire last year. I'm not sure if it was our first meeting or not. We had done a small loop and made our way back to the lot. I had been in front of Fred all ride and paid no attention. Then we left headed towards the river trail. Within 100 yards Fred catches a pedal on a big root or fallen tree and launches himself over the bars in spectacular fashion.

I make a mental note to remain ahead of Fred for the rest of the ride. :rolleyes:

This is a good start. :D

Such moments similar to this I can recall and I quote: Hardtale70 "You sure pick the worst lines, holy crap"

Jdog "You possibly have fallen more today than I have in the past 10 years."

what a mess...:)

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I, like Fred, prolly have about 7 million too many to ever list one. But a more public one I will. Last year during my trials demo in Highland Park, I went to 360 over a 2x4 on the ground (the easiest move in my bag) and landed on my front wheel and crashed in front of who knows how many people were there. I bent my wheel bad enough that it wouldn't spin in the fork and ripped my tire off. A quick "fix" and I continued but needless to say there were no more spinning tricks that day;)



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This happened about 11 or 12 years ago at the Ringwood race. I raced beginner and after the race was over we all went to our cars to clean up & change. When we were all cleaned up we decided to ride our bikes back down to the main bldg there to see our results (sans helmets & bike shoes) of course we were still all full of adrenalin I guess because as we were flying down there riding down the part there that has the long steps I manage to endo and slide down the concrete. The glasses I was wearing cut my eyebrow open and gave me a black eye. I ripped my knuckles open. The bike was ok though. :D
I still have a scar at the end of my right eyebrow and scars on my left hand knuckles to remind me of it. I'm pretty sure Jim V was there to see the carnage. There WONT be a repeat when I race there sunday.
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