Getting a season pass!!!



I made it to Diablo just a few times this year, but I had so much fun.

I found myself going on one day, then talking with my friends saying, man I can't wait to go back and hit up *insert trail name here*...

Its a lot of fun, and my friends are into it as well, It caused everyone to get new bikes. One guy bought a BigHit, his brother just got a Giant Reign, another is buying one of the rental Iron Horse yakuza from Diablo.

This now made me want to upgrade from my 4"front-3.5"rear travel bike. I just bought a KHS am1000 frame and Im building it with Saint, SRAM, and manitou parts.

CANT WAIT for next season!!

B.T.W. If anyone is interested the season pass is discounted to $290, at that price it's payed for in like 9 trips. The good part is it is valid this October.
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Got my pass... wow, I had a blast this past saturday. Broke a brake lever on Deliverance, and hurt my knee walking down BMW after the bike broke. But I cant wait till next sunday, its the last day of this season.

I hope I can Tig weld this stupid Deore brake lever before this weekend.
season passes are a flip of the coin... I bought one in '09 and rode 24 times, bought one in '10 and broke by neck on the 6th visit and was out all season. :cool:

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