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Hi Ladies,

Yes, spring is around the corner, and before your local bike shop gets too busy, get your bike in to be checked and tuned up for spring. Don't get stuck without a bike on a nice day, go now. You should have your chain replaced before it ruins your cogs and chain rings. Been there, done that :cry:, so I speak from experience. It's an easy check with tool below. You can buy the tool or have your shop check.

If your shifting is stiff, you may need the housing lubed or replaced. Brake pads should be checked as well. If you run tubeless with stans, you will need new stans, as it is only good for 2 months. Take note of anything that does not work or look right, like fluid running down the fork legs, brake levers that go all the way to bar, cranks turning stiff or grinding. And remember, if you want respect from your mechanic, respect him/her and bring your bike in clean :rolleyes:.

Here is the chain tool in picture#1. A bad chain in #2, a good chain in #3. Best to replace chain on an off week, not the day before a race, incase you need new cogs or rings also.

Lets get ready to ride ! :) ....and shop owners, please chime in with suggestions.


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Good stuff

Great information Pixy, to be honest I really don't understand much about it, which is one of the reasons I'm marrying a bicycle mechanic :D

RC ... :)


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With last year being such a wet year, bikes may need some extra love this winter. Don't wait until spring. Get them tuned up now while the shops are not too busy.


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Park Tool Class

I signed up for the Park Took class at my LBS - and pretty much took apart my entire bike, cleaned and check everything, replaced cables/ has been an awesome class. I know several shops offer the course and highly recommend it.


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That's really great.. I need to get some private lessons at home. I've been spoiled having a built in bike mech..
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