Get to Whistler!


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Hey guys/gals. I just figured I'd drop a line after being in Whistler BC for a few days on my cross country road trip. This place is straight up NUTZZZ!!! Yesterday I rode XC with my girl for a couple hours on some cool singletrack that was all burmy, technical, fast and flowy, flowy with jumps, drops and best of all, all of those wonderful northshore bridges. The trails are sweet.

I rode with her for a couple of hours and then went off on my own for a couple more hours. I hit up a couple of trails the best known is A River Runs Through It, the super classic Whistler ride. You need BALANCE!!! Bridges and log rides everywhere. You ride as much on the bridges and you do on the dirt. Teeter totters, double connected teeter totters, drops on bridges and more. Of all the stuff I probably rode 90% of the bridges except for the double black insane skinny log rides. I did get ejected a few times from the bridges. I found the best way to deal with that is to lunge for the nearest tree for support and if there isn't a tree, bunny hop to

Day 2 I went to the Whistler Downhill Park. HOLY SCHNIKES!!! What fun. I haven't done downhill yet but I figure I can handle a bike pretty well so I grabbed a rental KONA with 7-8 inches of travel and went off. I started out easy and worked up to harder stuff. I hit a trail called Crank It Up and it was sweet. Fast, flowy, wall rides, burms, drops and tons of table top jumps which I was happy to clear after some practice. Played on a trail called Freight Train and got to see some crazy rock face drops which most I did but there were a couple scary ones. And I also got on the super classic A Line. Again it was another fast flowy trail with sweet drops, jumps, rock faces and lots of good stuff. There is even a drop section at the base of the park that has a couple of drops. I was happy hitting one that was about a 4 footer but I didn't realize you really drop closer to 7-8 feet once you hit the landing with a little speed on the roll out.

Day 3 I rode an XC trail called Kill Me Thrill Me. It was short but that was the worst of it. You do a nice technical switchback climb in short bursts to go through some sweet tight singletrack thats all rocky and rooty. Then you hit a couple of bridges and other cool features that are there mostly to preserve the wet spots, but then you get back to all the cool technical stuff. Lots of rocks to go over, ride on and rock faces to roll down. It's a little XC with lots of room for freeride lines. Just a little too short and all the trails are easily accessable from town. Great rides.

Most of all I can't beleive how the downhill bikes handle. I was amazed at all they suck up when I was at the park. And even though they are heavy they will fly. I can't imagine using my XC bikes on any of that stuff. Major props to those that can do some of those stout trails!!!


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My best friends Bry (fastbandit), Ryan (timekiller) and I have been discussing a trip out to BC to ride Whistler, North Shore, Kamloops etc.

I've decided not to even save a penny up until I can cross every trail, trick and drop off my list at Diablo. No sense going out to western Canada if my guts aren't in check. Sounds like an AWESOME time though.


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I'll get to some of the pics. I gotta get it all sorted out and uploaded. Be patient. I just got home today... :D


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More Pics. Such a great place. I thought I had some more pics of other stuff. Looks like I had too much fun riding and not being a


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Cool stuff man, looks like a blast. I love the view on that second picture. And the first picture in the second set just makes you want to ride.


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very nice! I've only been to Whistler to snowboard but I love the feel of the place. Would love to go back with wheels next time.


I really want to try some of the wooden bridges and stuff. Is there anything like that around here? (Aside from Diablo as they only have a few things...)


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My favorite trail by far was Crank it Up. It's super fast flowy and it's got jumps everywhere. Tabletops galore. I was airing it out like I was 10 on my BMX bike. And they had a section of wall rides that was killer. I had to watch out from going over the top of em. Then into a nice ramp to a box, drop off and then hit the jumps again. Some of the step up jumps were sweet and there was one ramp that completely cleared this hill and made you feel like you were going off a ski jump - it was nuts! So much fun.

The views were amazing. That second shot was going to the top of the mountain. At the top was one of the best views I've ever seen. Probably second to when I summited my first 14'er in Colorado. We didn't get any good shots but as we were taking those pics there were black bears all under the lift. It was like biking in a wildlife sanctuary. My spotting count was up to 15 bears that day.


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wow, now THAT looks like fun!!! i really, really, really need to get up to diablo soon.
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