Get a Jump On the Season.. After Work Rides are back on!!


Talking around 5:30pm..

Places like:
- Tourne
- Lewis Morris
- Melon Dickerson

We ride short and slow to get back in the groove.. Then beef it up later...


night riders

Any of these places near warren Nj, I could take my bike to work with me and meet up with you guys.


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njrider said:
Any of these places near warren Nj, I could take my bike to work with me and meet up with you guys.

They are all in Morris County, near route 80 and 287.


NJ Jess

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I'm game!

Hey there! Please post the time and place and I'll try to make it after work. I just rode tourne and had a great time. NJ Jess


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ry, i'd be up for some ss'ing at the tourne.

oh... and Big Al's wed rides at LM start up on the 5th of Apr, so I'll be there either way.


looks like next Thursday might warm up

I have been watching the weather... SS is tough enough without the cold.. so I been waiting to hold these AFTER WORK RIDES untill we get in the 50's.. So why not ride next thurday at tourne.. around 5:30-6pm.

NJ Jess

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when the warm weather shows up

I hope to ride too, but at 530 I'd like to have more heat and less wind. Keep posting.


It''s 50 out... riding the tourne at 5:30... Leave from the lake!

Be there for a afterwork ride at 5:30.. I'ts last min.. but I just walked outside and it's to nice...So I will probly be the only one there but if anyone showes up I will be SS to the top from the Lake.. I plan on sumiting around 6pm.. and back before dark...


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anyone planning melon this weekend? early sat or sun? i've never been and would really like to check it out for a couple of hours. i have to tell you...i haven't been on my bike in like two months so i don't know what to expect. probably a below average speed. post up.
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