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So here it is, after years of being a Kenda man I decided to take the path less traveled and give a Geax tire a shot. I struck gold with the Lobo Loco. I ride Allaire mostly, so I usually look for an aggressive tread pattern in the tires I use. The Lobo corners great and digs in hard even when climbing up roots and rocks. I run the 2.3 front and the 2.1 rear on my single speed. The Geax tires retail for much less than most other premium tires ( which is the same reason I started riding Kendas 10 years ago) . The only drawback I can see with them is for hard pack guys the tire may roll a bit slower than the less aggressive shorter closer spaced treads. but if you ride in the soft this tire is one to consider.:cool:


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I am running the Geax Saguro TNT 29er and I love it!

Crazy fast and grippy.

I run 25 lbs w/o issue.

The Rose

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I'm interested in trying the Barro Mountain on my geared bike. Looks like it would be a good all arounder.
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