Gave it a blast today



I'd read the reviews and had wanted to give this place a try so did it today. Bloody hell it's tough!

I parked in the main parking lot and followed a loop I'd downloaded from someone in this forum (CEM? Chris? - I can't remember but thanks!) A shorter climb leads to a sweet switchback single track that opens up into a field. You cross a service road and then begin to long climb everyone talks about. It's tough alright. There's a lot of loose gravel but a couple of times some singletrack dips into the woods. There're a lot of horse puddings here too so be careful!

The climb is a tough bastard, not made any easier by the big, potentially loose rocks. But at the top you get some sweet twisty singletrack followed by a monster, super fast downhill but it's rocky so you bounce around a lot.

You continue up and down over some log rollers, rock rollers, steep climbs and steep downs until you reach the "trail closed" sign. Just look right and follow that big bitch of a hill up. You get to the top and you have a steep downhill up to a huge downed tree - that's a walker! But someone has loaded logs up if you want to give it a crack. Note that the logs are only on the uphill side so over the top is a good 2ft drop - have fun on that puppy!

Keeping left you ctoss some tough log rollers, swoop around a little and end up in a car park next to a railway line. I imagine here is where you can take the road back to the main car park to complete the loop. I turned around and did the whole kit 'n' kaboodle backwards.

To me it seemed a lot toughe going back. Maybe coz I was knackered!

Unfortunately I forgot to start my timer when I left the car so the route below misses out the first three miles and half of the first major climb:

I worked out that I probably totalled 15.5 miles and 3500ft of climbing.

I stopped a lot but walked very little so I'm happy!

If you attempt and complete this trail on a single speed/full rigid then you go to an upper level of god-dom in my book - you bloody animals!
My friends a I did that loop last year on Single Speeds. The whole time we were thinking "Why did we bring these stupid bikes". You really want to die on that first long climb by the time you come to the bend in the trail, and then you come around the bend only to find even more climbing as far as the eye can see. It was so torturous but the sense of accomplishment when you're back at the cars again is priceless.
All this week I've been thinking about going back to kick its arse. Of course, come game day, I think I'll go to Lewis Morris for the easier ride. But, a-la Arnie, I'll be back!
I've completed this trail on a fully rigid trek 7000 from like 1994 or something(my dad's bike) If you ride the trail often enough you get really usto it me and my friends rode it like 40 times over the summer and now its like nothing..
what equpiment did you use to record your data like that? How much was it? It seems really cool with average speed, time, heart rate, and etc.
I went yesterday to RV and finally did the whole thing all the way around. Handled the rain pretty well, some parts where mud holes so i got off my bike and walked, so i wouldn't ruin the trail. Saw a guy on a gary fisher there.

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