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For those of you that like Gatorade products, they have some new stuff coming down the pipe. Between now and the new year, they will be rolling out "G2", which will be a low calorie form of Gatorade. If any of you like to drink Propel, keep an eye out for the new bottle and package. There will also be new Propel with a slight twang of caffeine, and a new improved vitamin enhanced Propel.

I know these may not be the drinks of choice for alot of us, but it may help in a pinch. I also know that this is not earth shattering news, but its all I got. Plus Shaggz gives me $1.84 per post. Thanks Shaggz:D


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your in the hole by about 600 bucks, since i needed to cull about 300 to get you up to speed :D
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