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Anyone ever have their Edge unit run out of juice on the road then plug it in at home and have it be non-responsive? Any special rain dance I need to do to make it work again?

Is it me or does every single piece of electronic equipment start to STB after 1-2 years?
it get's bitchy from time to time. speak nicely to it and make your ow friggen dinner for once.

try alternatively plugging it into the wall charger and the usb charger, and hardresetting it(check your manual).
I had that happen to me I called their Tech support and they told me to hold two of the buttons down for I think 5 secs.
bummer that I did not write it down and my short term memory just sucks anymore.
but I was impressed with the tech support the guy knew exactly what was wrong.
it was a 10 minute call start to finish.
you could try to Google it I think it might not be to uncommon of a problem.

OK this thing is about tanked. My advice to anyone considering an Edge, don't buy it if you're not ok with it partially shitting the bed within a year.
Norm call garmin up and tell them what is going on. They are pretty good about taking it back and fixing it up w/ a decent turn around.
Norm call garmin up and tell them what is going on. They are pretty good about taking it back and fixing it up w/ a decent turn around.

Garmin customer service is A+. I bet they will send you a new one, no questions asked.

The product failed. If you have to go to support it means that what you paid for didn't work the first time around. That customer support does a good job is great, but that in no way makes up for the fact that the product failed. It's a shame that craftsmanship in this day and age is built with the idea that customers will be the testers. But that's the way it is and most people are fine with it. Personally, I think it sucks.


What it really comes down to is that so, so many things you buy in this day and age are like this. Kerrybelle was saying in another thread she had to bring her DVR back to the cable company this week. We went through the same thing, twice. My Ipod Shuffle - same story. Even our freaking humidifier is buggy and doesn't work as advertised after 6 moths. Product after product is like this. It just gets frustrating when every weekend you're on the phone with a service company that overcharged you, or a product that failed, or a service that doesn't work as expected.

Just this weekend we had to go buy a new vacuum piece which had the wire fail, a toy that was broken, and the GPS failed. This seems the be par for the course these days. Every weekend it's just another thing...
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well, we're gonna have to agree to disagree then.;) i still think that's no reason to come online and slam the product and company like that. mainly because i'm 100% sure your opinion will be almost completely different 1 week after the problem is resolved.

stuff doesn't break/malfunction nearly that often for me. in fact, the only products i've had malfunction in quite some time have been the garmin, which i attribute to user error for charging it with the energi-2-go, and my bontrager cranks, which are now working fine after the application of some loc-tite.
Maybe Sean, maybe. Maybe what? I don't know. The one thing I will say is that it is easier to mentally deal with this kind of stuff when you know it might happen. So for me, I want to know all aspects of the user experience. Anyone considering the Edge should know it very well may STB, and that customer support will very possibly send you a new one, no questions asked.
Just to update.

Not only did they not give me a new one, they also did not fix the one I sent them. Instead they incomprehensibly sent me a fucking Forerunner 205.

So it really got worse. Anyone who is thinking about buying one of these should of course understand that it may work for 30 rides then die. There ya go. This is a piece of shit and my experience with the company is about as lousy as it could possibly be.
Update to update - they're going to try and get it right this time. After this phone call I have much more faith that it will get done right. Let's hope.

Kinda sucks because I was hoping to log some rides while on vacation, if I get to ride. Oh well.
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