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Many remember Matt Murray the morning DJ. He was on DHA Matt and Fuzz in the morning and then G-Rock with the morning G. After recent reformatting on GRock he is without a job. Matt rides bicycles and is a good friend of mine. This is a hard time for many but a harder time for people in the communications field. Anyone who wants to donate $1+ shoot me a pm and I will tell you how :)

Sorry for the spam, just helping out a good friend, and fellow mountain biker.


I have a painting company that is hiring if would like to earn some money he can call me. 908-371-9494


that sux

Matt's a good guy! He did some 501 Crew beginner rides with us this past year.
I was p.o.'d when 106.3 changed from "your rock alternative" to "G-rock", now they are THE suckiest station EVER! These program mgrs are the most ill-informed, out of touch decision-makers I have ever encountered. Thank "G" for satellite radio, it's "good enuff". Still need to delve deeper into the music though, no matter what genre you're listening to.
Anyway, good luck Matt, the morning G was a solid show, you'll get another gig soon.
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