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There are two main types of cyclist which are common in the USA. The first and most deadly is the “Mountain Biker”. As the name suggests, these are insane cyclists whose idea of fun is to pedal up hills and then speed down them terrorizing everybody in their path. Mountain bikers are famous for their abuse of pot, amphetamines and other banned hallucinogens. Very few mountain bikers survive past the age of 30 because of the extreme hazards of downhill cycling, and the toll taken by a diet of drugs and alcohol
The other type of cycling is called “Road Racing” a preposterous sport which is mainly popular amongst the homosexual community. Most Americans do not regard this as a true sport, because the chief objective is to pose in the absurd skin-tight ‘fashions’. This probably explains why road-cycling is the most popular sport in France. It’s just typical that a degenerate, liberal, godless nation like the French would adopt a sport which involves adult men spending hours staring at each other’s butts!
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