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that sounds really pecular. I think that all cell phone insurance is done third party anyways. I had cingular prior to switching to verizon and wrecked a couple of phones. Paid 50 bucks and got a new one. Same phone


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not on the one i have, i have never heard of it before either, and i dont really believe it, elle called to put it on and they said no.:hmmm: :hmmm:

what phone do you have? i mean, if you got the a phone from the nokia vertu collection, then i could understand. the treo is top of the line and i'm covered? makes no sense.

but i'm going "throw away". i'd rather NOT kill the treo.


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why can't verizon get a 'sports' phone in their lineup? there are alot of very shockproof, water resistant, simple phones out there, yet verizon chooses to carry none of them. bastards.


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For next time - $28.13



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This would be a PERFECT story in the 'Rides Gone Bad' thread. Norm, I can't deny it, I was laughing reading this post but I also felt bad for ya. We can all relate because we're mountain bikers too. That helpless feeling when you really injure yourself way in the woods is a very scary one. Glad yer okay now.
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