from clifton to suffern with "love"


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like every other cyclist who love to do long rides or to get lost in the woods( like myself:D)on last saturday 08/23 just shortly after my works(make foods deliveries to chinatown,nyc)i start riding around 1 pm,taking route from clifton-CR 507 north-suffern,ny)i have done riding this route countless times.
but that day was different from my past rides.
when i'ved reach the border(nj/ny) at suffern and stop by asking amigo to took this pic.
then i stoping by at a local groceries store to fuel up(naked juice protein) exactly what i've been looking for.
then continuing,as i'ved plan my rides soon as i approaching this road traffic sign wich is located under I-287 interstate highway
(the trailhead sign is on the right of traffic sign)
to took this pics,rest awhile and then my eyes was catching a sign wich is we are all familiar with.

i couldn't not believe with what i saw,'s a trailhead sign(yellow trail mark)
marked on a big/huge/giant rock sitting on the roadside.if you just riding passing it,.you'll not able to see it because there were no visible sign or a plank to direct you.
so, i guess that day is my lucky day(or not):)
then with a happy/exuberant feeling,...i start to following that yellow trails.
the trail was marked very clear.after 15 min hike-a-bike(it's impossible to rides it)climbing those rocky hill i finaly reach to the top.pose this pics,

then,..continue my trip another hike-a-bike met a "weird man" up here.
i ask him about this trails.....he told me that this trail is suffern belmont or beaumont mountain(i wasn't sure if i get it right).
i look around there were 4 chair on this stop here,:hmmm:look likes somebody was partying here(i said to myself) and there are also lot of tripleS graffiti all over the rocks.
soon i took off,.w/o saying goodbey w/that "weird man",...
so,..after 1 hour later i come across this electric transmission pole.

i'm still haven't yet figure out how long/where this trail gonna take me.
i don't even know wether this is a mountain bike trails or hiking trails??
but then i finally knows the answer.

so,..again i keep on going,and it's 4pm i think i'm better heading back
cause i know this trail is "an endless trails" and i was right.(i check it thru internet that night)
but,...then again i'm planing to go back there again but offcourse this i'm ready to explore more...

so,...maybe some of you bikers/harcore bikers knows what part of the trails is.
i have two guess's kakiat park or harriman.

thanks for reading my "lousy" reports(cause don't have writer talent/or story teller)
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The suffern-bear mountain trail. goes from that trailhead near Irelands Pub all the way up to of course you guessed it....Bear Mountain. Be mountain biking allowed in Harriman 'cept for the designated one near William Bryan Memorial parking lot off Pal Interstate. Nice pics...i live right around there.


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thanks for reading my "lousy" reports(cause don't have writer talent/or story teller)

Liong, it's not even close to the lousiest ride report I've ever read. In fact, I find it fascinating that you'll ride that bike on the road for 20-30 miles to take it in the woods for another few hours... and then ride back home again!

I think you might be some special kind of beast(and maybe we saw a bit too much of your "countryman") - but hey, it seems to be working for you.

I'd really like to see some Garmin stats from this boy!
Do you have an odometer? How many miles do you ride?


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Great write up liong, I love exploration, and it is something I don't do enough. I do not have the NYNJTC map of that area, and as Lawnart said Harriman is hiking only, with the exception of a 6 mile loop in Anthony Wayne Rec Area. My guess is that trail hooks into Harriamn. The NYNjTC is a hiking group and uses painted markers as trail markers.

To know for sure, you would need to find out who owns the property, and call the land management for use information.


Nice write-up. If you ever do this again, you might want to think about heading down to the Suffern ballfields. From there you can cross the Ramapo on an old train bridge, cross under 17/ NY Thru-way via a box culvert, and find your way up Stag Hill mountain and into Ringwood State Park.

I've been thinking about doing a ride from Ringwood over the mountain to Stag Hill and down to 17.


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@lawndart---> thank's for your clues!

@cyclopath-----> thank's on your complimentary,"my country man" well it,s so embarrassing you have to see that,.LOL:D:, garmin i was thinking buying edge 705, it was 51 mile total distance trip.

@pixychick-----> thank,s for your advised!

@supermike------>thank,s mike!
if u ever wanna do that rides, like u describe it.pls consider
to count me in:)

these labor day i'm gonna do this rides. from clifton to harriman park via ringgwood. taking sloatburg rd all the way up to harriman.hope i can make it..

thank you.


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@cyclopath-----> thank's on your complimentary,"my country man" well it,s so embarrassing you have to see that,.LOL:D:, garmin i was thinking buying edge 705, it was 51 mile total distance trip.

The Garmin 705 is one awesome tool, but pricey as heck! Though, considering the rides you do, it may serve you very well. I've got the 305HR/CAD and it does what I need it to do and more...

would love to ride with you sometime... see if you're for real...:D
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