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So I had a good ride tonight and saw a lot more people than I'm used to so I decided to list them and try to connect them with people here...before I do man oh man do I wish there was like a bridge or a huge jump over south middlebrush (thanks warcricket ;). I was flying down from canal side and the road is such a bummer I'd love to mash right through there. As a warning, just after the road crossing coming from canal it smelled god awful, I think someone went #2 after a bad meal of tacos "all up in that" (more likekly that something died and is decaying) ;)...back to people I saw in reverse order of when I saw them:

1.) Crazy dude with downhill bike (triple crown and beefy rear triangle), ski mask (why were you wearing this!?), long sleeve blue jersey and sun glasses driving a black civic....pretty crazy get up for six mile but whatever floats your boat!

2.) Person with bright yellow jersey with someone in front of them on 27 side around 8ish

3.) Dude who yelled out and yielded near the bridges was on some sort of trek (6700?) wearing a white tee

4.) Group of 3 that I bumped into twice, once coming off the yellow trail onto the blue and then again when I looped back from the lot after a break heading back into the blue trail coming from the woodwork near the entrance of the canal side

5.) The guy that pulled up as I was gearing up, I passed you near the power lines before the jump as you were tinkering with something on the bike

I think that was it, so hello! And I keep noticing a blue FJ when I ride so hello to you to ;). I had a sleeveless t-shirt and lots of scratches on my shoulders.
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In all seriousness I hate being wet, but how do you get across from 27 to canal withouth crossing the road? Do you go under a bridge or something?....

er just caught my mistake, I meant south middlebrush not blackmills, fixed it up there ;)
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You can't get to the Canal side without crossing So. Middlebush. There is no other way unless you park at the Ranger station and not ride the 27 side at all. But that's no fun. Just remember that when you are ripping downhill after the two trails come together that the road comes up really fast with the new route they cut. Almost too fast, I have had to lock up the brakes a couple of time to keep from getting slammed by the passing cars.


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Stream crossings are park of mountain biking. Its summertime and its only water.

Wait until winter to really enjoy the water crossings.:getsome:

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