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at 6mile...park in the 27 lot...intermediate pace i guess...but expect faster not looking to lead... i like to chase...


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Um... IF I come it will be my first ride with the Haro Mary SS. It will be my first 29er experience... I hope I don't lag. I might love it or I might hate it. I hope I will at least like it.


Dusty the Whale

im ok but...

heading back on the blue trail right after i cleaned over the bridge and up a short hill with some roots and shit(after the real real muddy spot just b4 the last section of blue and the start of the 27 side)...i was feeling good...real good...manny and adam(warcricket) were pissing on me the whole ride...they were faster and i couldnt get my breathing down...but im normally the slower one out there anyway...but i was comming down just b4 the water crossing on the blue canal side...was going faster then normal but no big deal i hit some washboard tree limbs over a normally real muddy spot...went over fine and fast..then my front wheel went into a rut sling shotted me to the right right into a of my new ERGON grips busted off...i went banging onto the ground did a nice body/face skid good thing i had the UNCOOL thing that sucks sooo bad on my melon because id have something to show for the wreck for sure...was slow to get up cause im older and bigger (28yrs240lbs) up check the bike...spoke came loose on brand new MAVIC front rim and one of the suspension bolts snapped...i was able to get out of the woods cause MADNESS(dave) and his boys rode up and had the tools and the calmness to help me out...i was pissed but cool im not gonna bitch cause things like this come with it...but it was a good i gots to paty the help i got foward so if you need a piggy back ride out of the there 4 are some pics of the damage...long post sorry




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f*******ck homie. well as long as you are ok thats all that matters. everything else can be fixed and or replaced. gotta watch out for those opposums grabbed your wheels.


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First off glad you are fine
second off....DAAAMMM I hope that was the one that was creaking last Tuesday night..... :)
did you guys at least get food and brews after the ride??


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No worries Chainsaw glad I could help out. I was flying through the trails trying to catch up to you guys to begin with cause I was running late to meet up in the parking lot. In the process I caught up to a friend of mine that is new to Mt. biking, so I was showing him around when we saw Cricket and Manny at the So. Middlebush crossing. I am glad that we sent the search party for you or you would have had to walk for ever and that would have sucked.

dirty bert


it was but i fixed that...and the mexi place is brews i was beat...told madness tough i owe him a taco...

dude it may be time to change yer name to the wrecking ball. how many things have you broken this season?

glad u didn't get hurt. the bike is easy to fix, but not the body.

looking to ride soon. slow and easy ride. i still need a air bag for the back.

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