Freeride legend still going strong....


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Watched to many times now I wanna go build ridiculous things in the woods
I wish they would do like a behind the scenes video and show how they built the features. It's not like they have access to a crane or cherrypicker I'd imagine, as these places are usually in the middle of no where. How they hell did they build that thing?


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That roll-in was bonkers. I'm guessing 20ft of vertical to a 10ft radius - defintely no room for error on that.

The rest of the clip was crazy too - that 720 back flip - o_O

Funny - I just got an email from LeeLikesBikes and there was mention close to what I was saying but he put some more science in it:

Jordie Lunn’s amazing drop-in
You need to watch Rough AF 3.

After collecting my jaw from the floor, I did some rough AF math:

Assuming a height of 16 meters and a transition radius of 8 meters, Jordie was pulling 4 Gs in the transition.

If Jordie weighs 180 pounds, that’s over 700 pounds. He can be forgiven for collapsing into the rear tire. Bad ass.
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