"Freedom Tour" 7.27.08


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Woohoo!! Nascar for bikes:D I realized today why I don't race road, it's sorta dumb. No one wanted to work today so I sat up front for 9 of our 15 laps, pace picked up a little on the bell lap and I sat around mid-pack to spring a surprise sprint. Ended up barely avoiding a pile-up, nearly stopping, and then sprinting to catch back up to the front. I barely caught back on by the time the finish line came up, ended up 12th. I've said it at least 100 times, road racing has NOTHING to do with being strong, it's about riding smart and getting lucky:D



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Pretty wild, I am planning to try the Rockleigh crit on thursday nights for fun and pain. I figured there is not much else going on on a thursday night.
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