Free Tandem Kayak


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18 ft Wilderness Systems NorthStar Sit In Touring Kayak.

This is our OLD Touring / Camping Craft.

No Leaks, very fast going straight and has a turning radius of a barge.

We have not used it in a couple of years and will be getting a smaller tandem kayak.

I power washed it and it looks OK.

No Paddles are included.

I'm giving this to somebody who will use it for fun family activity (if you pick this up to sell - FUCK YOU)

Located in Central NJ (Hightstown)

Remember this is 18 FEET LONG and not an easy Kayak to transport or load.

IMG_20190910_133936838.jpg IMG_20190910_133922530.jpg IMG_20190910_133915565.jpg


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interested if nobody else wants. Be fun for the kid and I. Is it really that much of a pig to move around?
How’s it roll solo?


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There is a rudder that sets up on the back and is operated by the rear seat paddler.

This was used mainly for Camping on Boat Access only Sites in North East.

At our age we now set up more of a comfortable, base camp style site in the woods (Old bones need air mattress) so these days we camp with a small fishing boat.

This is a a very long and heavy Kayak that I would not want to load on the roof by myself. (only has grab handles on front and rear)

We used to have a dedicated light weight trailer for camping trips. I'm also able to slide it onto the truck bed with bed extender that has Kayak Rack attached to it.