fr clifton 2 wawayanda.


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hello fellow cyclist,...
yesterday, i was having a great columbus day ride although the weather wasn't so great(partly cloudy untill 3pm) i'm start riding fr 8:30am.
tempt was ok,...traffic a little bit quite but not so quite when i heading back home.these are my 2nd trip to this park always use the same route(clifton,wayne,pompton lake,west milford by taking otterhole rd to macopin rd,warwick tpk)

met three others rider on yellow trail. then i've prob spend 2 hrs riding the trails(mostly stoping for taking pics) can't waste my time on this gorgeuos autum day.although not knowing very well w/ the trails i managed to get out of there alive(have fear of encounter bear,..maybe they were hibernating somewhere:D)get flat tire on blue trail....taking wrong turn couple times.

after taking bunch of pics,'s time for me to go home before it get dark.
leaving fr the park at 3:25,...arrive at home at 6:54.







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Def. of Epic

IMO Riding from Clifton, NJ to Wawayanda then back again would be considered pretty epic. Riding dawn to dusk is "Epic" in my book.

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