Fox Talas X Cartridge


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Just to answer anyone who's wondering. For 2008 Fox does not offer any model of the insanely popular 32 Talas Forks with the X-Cartridge (Inertia-valve). However, if you absolutely need it, it can be done, i.e. retrofitted. This cartridge is available aftermarket for $180 and can be installed at any choice shop that knows the intricacies of this fork line.:D
Due to the fact that the X-Cartridge is 130mm max travel and the rest of the 32 Talas line is 140mm, you will have to sacrifice the extra 10mm travel, but the conversion kit includes the necessary hardware to make the converted fork perfect at 130mm. A truly seemless transformation, as to be expected from Fox. No toys from these guys, just ridiculously dialed suspension.
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