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Found a nice pump today on the Red trail (now why would a bike pump pump be on a hiking trail?) ;). If you lost one, let me know and I'll try to get it back to you. I have a feeling it might be Madness or someone with him, but the trails were packed today so who knows. Hope everyone had a good ride out there even though everyone was gone by the time I got there @ 5:30 :( The conditions and the weather were perfect.

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Hey Tim, at least you got to ride today. I had to work at 5:00 and I visited DirtyBert (Jim) earlier in the day and he wasn't goin' anywhere with the body cast. Hopefully he'll be getting it off by the 10th. Sorry, just bustin';), I know it's more fun to ride with others.


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I don't think it is anybody's that I was with. My pump is still in my Camelbak and everybody I was with is smarter then me and has C02 mini pumps not pump all day to seat a tire hand pumps. lol
Great to see so many people out yesterday, it was such a great day for a ride.


Formerly M3Tim
Maybe the kamakazie groundhog was blowing up sex dolls, Uhh.. I mean mascots with it. :D


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