Fort Lee Area Riding


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Anybody in Fort Lee to ride with?



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I found some nice trails off 9W on e.clinton road this past saturday. Check them out when you have time. tenafly area.


And you've got the Henry Hudson Parkway (I think it's called that) running under the GWB up to route 9W. It's paved so not much of an mtb outing but at 17miles out and back, with those nice grunting hills, it's a nice after-work sorta thing.

Do that a few times a week and you'll be strong when the weekend comes along and the dirt trails are a-hollerin'!


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Yeah, the 9W ride seems to be a nice thing.
I see all the Road Bikers out on the weekends (especially on Sundays).

I think I'm going to try a ride out tomorrow after work.
I'm a Roofing Contractor by trade, so my legs are solid.

I just gotta get my conditioning up.
My first run on my bike
(after not having ridden for years)
was a nice and easy 8 miles (r/t) into The City.



Lol I know it is kind of stupid trying to revive the old topic,
But I also live in Fort Lee area, would like to know where people go afterwork?


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I rode out of ft lee park this morning. I take my road bike there once or twice a week. Saturday I took mtb to liberty park in jersey city. Then Sunday tourne. Today I went to hi mtn and ran. But I mtb therega lot.

If you mtb to the city you may want to check out hi bridge. I hearf its better to go after trail maintence.

If you go north there is clausland


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are those legal?

I found some nice trails off 9W on e.clinton road this past saturday. Check them out when you have time. tenafly area.

They never used to be. i even cut through from 9w once on hudson and got chased if those trails are legal now, it would be pretty cool.


Heh, I guess Ringwood is the only way to go. I thought there is some place not far away which I can hit with MTB after work.


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I'd love to know if there are any half-decent trails in the Palisade's Park/Leonia/Fort Lee area.

Nothing in Pal Park and Leonia. Palisades Interstate Park trails in Fort Lee going up to Tallman State Park is illegal. There's no biking signs all over the place and hear that they mean it. Tenafly Nature Center trails off E. Clinton also illegal and posted as such on their web site.

Closest thing you'll find is Rockleigh trails which is pretty much legal:

None of these I would consider awesome riding. It takes me 20min to drive to Rockleigh. I'd rather drive another 15min and go to Ramapo.
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