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Hello my fellow riders :)
Im not sure if I can ask to purchase used, er .. *pre-owned* forks on this site, but if there is a problem I'm sure I will be hear about it.
Before Tommy built my Epic full suspension I really wanted a hardtail. My boyfriend has an 07 Gary Fisher hardtail frame, we have all of the components to build the bike ... almost. We need a front fork, 80 to 100mm travel, 1 1/8 inch steerer tube to fit atleast a medium frame with canti brake mounts. I plan to be racing this bike this year so the fork needs to be in decent shape (unlike me) :mad2:
Thank you,
Christina (fallgirl)
check the classifieds section towards the bottom of the page.
I have a newer manitou slx fork 80mm with paper work in red.


entirely thrilled
if you decide to ride it rigid(more precise steering, more efficiency climbing, rougher ride, more arm excercise), i have a couple of suspension corrected 26" disc rigid forks laying around. i could part with one fairly cheap.



Thank you anrothar (I still have no clue what that name means) :p I want to use suspension forks. Thank you for responding,

Fallgirl ...


Hi there, I have a Duke SL (I think it is) just sitting in my garage. I thiknk the suspension is where you want it. I had it on a KHS FXT Pro a few years back. I imagine it will need a service but should then be pretty good.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll take a few snaps of it.
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