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After todays ride, my fork started making weird sounds. Like the spring is loose or sth.

Where in NJ can I find a shop which maintains Marzocchi forks?
Or is it better to send it to the vendor for this?



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most of the decent shops have someone who's familiar with working on suspension innards. regardless though, a competant mechanic should be able to aquire the necessary schematics and find/fix the problem. best bet though is to find others with marzocchi forks that have had them serviced.

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The question of the manufacturer comes up. I called Answer or Hayes or whoever now does Manitou over two weeks ago and left a message. I am still waiting for a call back. I even told them I was from a shop. I decided to dumpster the fork and get a Fox.

On the other hand, I called Cyclecraft in Parsippany and they offered to recondition or service the fork for $70 plus parts. It probably needed seals and fresh oil and cleaning to rid it of the stiction. $100 would have likely done it. Other shops will remove said component and ship it to the manufacturer for you. Depending on how old it is there may not be any charge other than a small labor cost and shipping. High Gear did this for me once. The kicker on this is the time away from riding.
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