For sale: LARGE 2016 Santa Cruz Highball CC $1800


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Thinking about selling my beloved 2016 XC rock crusher. I would also be willing to part with only the fork in the front, which is a Fox Stepcast 32 Kashima Coat, originally a $950 fork. The fork only has 4 rides on it.
Specs are as follows:
Santa Cruz Highball CC frame, originally $1900
Full XT drivetrain (shifters, brakes, crankset, derailleur)
34 tooth Wolf Tooth Ovular chainring
11-42 XT 11 speed cassette
Stan's No Tubes Crest 29er wheelset; Maxxis Ardent Race 2.2 in the rear, Maxxis Ikon 2.35 in the front.
Easton Carbon handlebars, 720 mm.
Fox 32 Stepcast Kashima Coat fork, 100 mm travel.
cruz 2.jpg cruz 3.jpg cruz 4.jpg cruz 1.jpg
cruz 1.jpg
PM me with serious inquiries. I may not actually want to part with the bike, but want to gauge interest. The bike is in good condition with only cosmetic scratches.


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So are you sayin' that if I had 2k burning in my pocket, it's not a done deal? This is a fair price for the bike but I'm a medium. Glws
I need to see what EP pricing is for Santa Cruz is first... I might be interested in a 2019 Hightower CC as my do it all bike instead of having an XC bike and a trail bike.


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Where do you ride?
I ride northern NJ and eastern Massachusetts, for the most part. Smaller, janky rocks in northern NJ with some rollers, while the trails in Massachusetts are purely rollers on top of rollers. Almost all of the trail systems that I ride are under 6 mph average speed riding... my favorite spot to ride, Lynn woods, is close to 4.5 mph.


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Its tough to find a Do-All bike, the HIgh Tower is great downhill but a bear to climb with or put in some long miles, the slack head angle make sharp turning sluggish. The Tallboy is nice, the 3rd generation beefier design make it closer to a do-all bike.


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I agree with @pooriggy. The Hightower is a great bike for what you like to ride, but it's not a do it all bike. You can borrow mine for a ride if you want, but it is in dire need of a tuneup first.


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I personally think you got it almost right already, keep the hardtail carbon and get a Hightower, it's all you need for most most of the NE
The Smuggler is still light on travel for the big stuff. Sell the Smuggler and get the regular C Hightower. Still a great bike.
I get the one bike thing, but sometimes a HT is just so perfect


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I hadn't completely thought through selling both bikes for one... and I wouldn't be able to afford to only sell the Smuggler and get a beefier trail bike, but I do like the hardtail and dual options. I just know that in the future I want to upgrade to a full carbon dual trail bike with top level components, and selling both bikes is the only way to make that a reality.


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Bump. I rode this bike today to try to get back in the XC spirit but my constant trail riding on the dual suspension has changed my positioning too much to enjoy riding this bike anymore. I'd love for this to go to a new home for someone getting into cross country riding/racing. Comes with a like-new Fox Stepcast Fork (pictures at the beginning of the thread)