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I bought a pair of 100% Hypercraft glasses about a year ago. I previously had speedcrafts and no big issue. The Hypercraft tend to fog up or hold moisture no matter what I do. I put the larger nose spacer on to try. Same deal. I’m riding with guys sweating equally and theirs do not fog(different brand). I typically clean with dish soap/water or antifog windex. It’s annoying as I want to wear them on most rides and they end up hanging from my jersey zipper 50% of the time. Anything to treat them with?

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Dive masks - we would prewash them with gel toothpaste (non-abrasive) and wipe around a drop of ethylene glycol before hitting the water.


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Not sure that this will fix your issue, but it seems to help for me.

I also sweat like a fountain so I can really only ride with frameless glasses. Especially in the woods. These are are the best ive used.

I don't understand how people can ride with glasses in the woods. It generally takes about 5 minutes when it's humid out before my glasses are covered in sweat and impossible to see through clearly. Frameless just helps with ventilation?


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I’ve never been able to do glasses for this reason. The annoyance vs reward never seemed worth it.


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I cannot ride on the road or the woods without glasses because I don't want some random thing hitting me in the eye. I have plenty of times where I had something kick up or whip me and if I wasnt wearing glasses I would have been in trouble.

I have been putting RainX on my glasses for years and while they do fog up a little when stopping, once I get going they clear up. I only wear frameless glasses as well because I also sweat a lot. I also wear something on my head even in hot/humid weather to catch the buckets of sweat running down my face which seems to help with the fogging up issues too.

The last few rides in did at Dickerson Mine Wed nights with martys last month were during that awful humid weather and for the most part it was manageable, even if I had to stop and wipe them off the RainX helps to keep it clear more so than without it.

To be specific i use the RainX on the inside and outside of the lenses.


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My glasses only touch my nose and ears.
The top of the frame has plenty of room to let air through. There is also room above, before the helmet. I always wear a sweat head. Never have a problem with water or fog.

Maybe your face shape with glasses of choice?

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With Chronic Dry Eye, post transplant, I have to wear Sunglasses with foam gaskets to block the wind. So no air flow, hence they fog instantly when sweating. The FogTech product I mentioned above really works. One application lasts me a few weeks with zero fogging.
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